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It is not often that I am smitten with knitting lust.  In fact, I can only think of two times in the couple of years I’ve been knitting that I saw a pattern that OMG I MUST KNIT THIS RIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW!!!!  (What?)  The first was the Blackberry Shrug, which I decided I had to knit immediately, even though I’d only been knitting a few weeks and still didn’t know the difference between twisted and untwisted stitches.  I also chose a fuzzy acrylic from my then very small stash to knit it in, resulting in a sweater that is not so much chunky and cabled, but somewhat sheer, very drapey, and not nearly as warm as I’d envisioned.

The second time was when I saw pictures of the Vernal Equinox Shawl online, and decided that, although I had never knit lace in my entire life, and wasn’t even sure that I would be able to follow the directions (since I learned how to knit left-handed, which makes following directions written for right-handed knitters a tad complicated), I was going to “experiment with lace” by knitting this large, very complicated lace pattern.  (Me?  Overambitious?  What makes you say that?)  As my way of hedging my bets, I decided to knit it from cheap yarn (Caron Simply Soft) so that if I totally screwed it up, well, at least I didn’t ruin any of my small supply of Really Good Yarn doing it.  As it turned out, I quickly discovered that charted lace patterns make life surprisingly simple for left-handed lace knitters, got bit hard by the lace-knitting bug, and have been on a lace-knitting tear ever since.  I also got a great lace shawl out of my very first lace-knitting attempt, a piece I wear almost constantly from October to May.  Plus, since I knit it out of easy-care acrylic, I can toss it in the washer and dryer whenever it gets dirty.

The Vernal Equinox Shawl was over a year ago, so I suppose I was due to get hit again soon.  Last week, I saw some pictures of a finished shawl posted to a lace-knitting yahoo group I’m part of, and was instantly smitten.  I tried to find the pattern, but a search through the group’s pattern archives yielded no results.  I looked it up on Ravelry, and discovered that the original pattern was in Danish.  Yeah, Danish.  If it had been Latin or Koine Greek, I’d have had a prayer, but Danish?  I tried Google Chrome’s handy translation feature, even though I know those things never work.  It didn’t.  Ravelry said that an English translation had been posted to the same group I had seen the original pictures from.  Long story short (and yes, I know this is too long already) I was able to get some help from other group members, and found the pattern in the folder conveniently titled “Translated Danish Patterns.” (Who knew?  No, I’m not blond.  Why do you ask?)

Consequently, Saturday night found me in a fever of knitting anticipation, printing off the pattern, trying to make sense of the chart that went with it (turns out I had to join another yahoo knitting group in order to get the font that the chart was written in – what, I’m not obsessed, no), discovering that since I am now what is called a “Combination Knitter” the standard directions for decreases don’t work for me, figuring out what would work, digging the appropriate yarn out of the big cedar chest that now houses my stash, and pulling out my swift to wind it into a ball so I could start knitting.

Right about then Rosie gave me a call.  She was out with her friend C (who will get a nickname after I get to know her a little better).  It seems that C also works in the Children’s Department at the library, and wanted to meet me since we’ll soon be working together.  After I said I didn’t really want to go bowling (see: knitting lust) they decided to come back here to watch a movie.  Evidently, C had decided that Rosie needed to get caught up on the Resident Evil series so that they could go see the next one which is coming out sometime soon (I wasn’t really listening to that point).  So while I wound yarn and cast on for my new shawl, we watched Resident Evil.  And you know what?  I rather liked it.  It made me laugh.  Of course, it helped a lot that I had something else to look at when things got too gory, or the freaky music started playing.  And since starting a circular shawl is the most annoying, fiddly part of the shawl, I wasn’t paying the movie a lot of attention anyway.  If I’d had to watch the movie in a dark movie theater with nothing to distract me, and huge, overwhelming images of pain and suffering constantly coming at me from the big screen I probably would have hated it.  But watching it like this, I liked it.

Also, I’m now about twenty rows into the shawl, and I still really like it.

In other, non-knitting news, yesterday was a gloriously lazy day.  Got up just in time to make Mass at my favorite church (it is, after all, my home parish), came home to a leisurely breakfast, headed over to the Family Homestead about two, cooked up my part of dinner while hanging out with parents and siblings, ate dinner with the family (even Johnnycakes showed up), laughed until I cried multiple times, did dishes with Johnnycakes, headed home again, puttered around the house, talked to The Young Queen, knit until I was sleepy, and then slept.  It was kinda lovely.

And now I must go make potato salad.