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So I’m off again.  This time I’m headed back into the wilds of Wisconsin with Boy-O to retrieve a pair of kilns for my mother.  You see, my mother is a potter, a good one.  She’s been taking classes down at the community college for years, mostly so she could use their equipment (wheels, kiln, etc.).  Over the last year or so she’s begun talking wistfully about how lovely it would be to have her own potting studio.  When I was up visiting The Young Queen and her family in July, I got into a conversation with her father about crafting and business.  In the midst of this, he said to me, “By the way, you don’t know of anyone who would like a kiln, do you?” You see, the cheese-packaging factory he works for is located in what used to be the local elementary school.   When the school moved out, they left two kilns behind.  They’re taking up space, and TYQ’s father would be happy to give them to anyone who would be willing to just take them away.  I replied, “Why, yes, I know someone who would love a kiln: my mother!” and went off to call her right away.

I’m very excited to get to see The Young Queen again so soon after my last visit.  Two visits in one summer is a record for us!  Though I suppose it’s not too surprising – this summer has been The Summer of Trips for me.  First the Chicago Blues Festival, then my cousin’s wedding in Cincinnati, then the first visit to The Young Queen, then Family Vacation, then Philadelphia, and now Wisconsin again.  It’s quite a change for me.  Last summer I think the only place I went was on vacation with the family.  But then, last summer I wasn’t up to much.  I think this will be my last trip for at least a little while.  The next thing I really want to do is Rocktober in Columbus in October, then PittStop in November (there’s no way I’m going to miss it again this year!).  Plus tonight at Catholic Life, Grace, Sweetie and I made tentative plans to perhaps head to Philadelphia sometime in early October to visit The Duchess.  So perhaps the trips aren’t over quite yet!

Lots of things are changing.  The kids are back in school, and Swing Club starts up again on Monday.  On Wednesday so many of my swing kids showed up for the weekly dance.  It was lovely to see all of them again!  And then on Wednesday I’ll start my new second job at the downtown library working in the children’s section.  That’s going to be a busy day.  I’ll be at my first job until 5pm, work at the library from 6-9pm, and then head out to swing dancing.  We’ll see how I hold up!

I’m also trying to decide whether or not to throw my usual September party this year.  I’ve had a big party in September each year for the last three years, partly to celebrate my anniversary of swing dancing, partly just because.  It looks like the painting in the dining room might even be done in time for a party, so there’s not really anything holding me back.  I’m not sure if I can afford it, though that never stopped me from throwing a party before.  Plus that second job will hopefully help a little with that.  However, that second job might put a seriously crimp in the other factor, which is whether I would have the time to get the house in shape before the party.  That’s more doubtful.  I’m not sure which way I’m going to come down on this one, so if you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to weigh in!

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