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One of the great things about helping The Duchess move to Philadelphia was getting to see how truly gorgeous her new home is.  It’s a lovely old Victorian manse, built in 1901, with lots of the kind of architectural details that make the heart of any true lover of old houses beat faster.

For example, this is what The Duchess will see every time she does her dishes.  There’s even another window to the left that I wasn’t able to fit into the frame.

And this is the porch, where The Duchess can take her ease in the cool of the evening.

The stairs up to her room on the third floor.

And the light in the front window that will be left on for her at night.  (See those deep window sills?  They’re like that all over the house!  I swoon!)

Plus, the house is nestled in a neighborhood of other houses, each one more gorgeous than the last.  All of these pictures were taken of houses I saw just while I was walking around the block on which The Duchess now lives.  One block, friends, one.  Also, it was starting to rain, so they’re a little dark.  (They are dark, but lovely, Oh daughters of Jerusalem…)

All these huge, gorgeous porches!  You can tell these houses were built before air conditioning, in a time when capturing and enjoying a cool breeze was important!

Many of the houses were built as doubles, though not the shrunken versions I’m used to in my home neighborhood, where each half of the double is about the size of a townhouse.  Instead, each half was a large house in its own right, and often each half was decorated quite independently, expressing the respective owner’s tastes.  For example, this is one half of a double…

And this is the other.  Those peaked doors inspire all too much house-lust in me.  And do you see the way the window panes are framed?  I just love that.  My favorite house, however, was one that was in the process of being renovated.

The round turret, the gorgeous windows, the ravishing blue color, plus can you see that little balcony up at the top just behind the turret?

I felt shy trespassing a little on the neighbor’s front yard to get this shot, but that balcony!  Sigh.  So perfect for any girl with even the slightest princess complex.

I think I’m in love.