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At this moment, I am typing this from Philadelphia, PA, where I have just helped The Duchess move into her new home.  She’s moved here in order to pursue a MA in Music Therapy at Immaculata University.  We (The Duchess, Sae, Mr. T, Boy-O, Indy, and myself) left Dayton much too early, drove all day, and arrived in Lancaster, PA about 5pm to have dinner at the home of some of The Duchess’s friends from her earlier time in Philadelphia.  After we ate we piled back into The Duchess’s car and the family van, and journeyed the rest of the way to The Duchess’s new home.

We were met here by MDoS and The Beautiful T, who had come up from Princeton, NJ (about an hour away – MDoS is working on his doctorate in Mathematics there) to help, plus two of The Duchess’s friends.  In about an hour and a half, somehow we unloaded everything from the van and car (and that van was packed tighter than I had ever imagined possible), and transported it up to the third story of the incredibly beautiful Victorian home where The Duchess now lives.  I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow so you can see just how beautiful it is.

Now I am very, very tired, and in desperate need of a bath and a bed, preferably in that order.  I intend to sleep the sleep of the just and completely exhausted.  Tomorrow The Duchess has a very full day planned for us, including a visit to the St. Rita Shrine, a trip to a discount fabric store for Indy and me, bumming around downtown Philadelphia with side trips to various historic sights, Mass at St. Joseph’s, and dinner at a cheesesteak place.  Some of her Philadelphia friends will join us, along with The Beautiful T, and hopefully MDoS too, after he’s finished his work for the day.

On Sunday we’ll say good-bye, and head back to Dayton in the family van.  Mr. T is trying to persuade us to take a detour to Steubenville, where we could pray a little while at the Portiuncula chapel.  So I have no idea when I’m going to get home.  So far it’s been a great road trip, so I don’t think I’m in any hurry!