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I have a bad habit of bringing way more crafting projects with me on vacation than I could possibly finish in twice the time I’ve been gone.  It’s like my mind goes a little crazy at the thought of actual free time, and starts dreaming over-ambitious dreams of what I could maybe get done.  usually I end up just lugging the projects home again at the end of the week, but this time I was smart.  I took with me a bunch of projects that had been languishing in my basket for far too long, waiting for me to do that just one little bit extra so they could be completely done.  My gift to myself, this vacation, was the experience of actually finishing things, and coming home with a bunch of completely done projects, all ready to use or give away or whatever.  I’ve been wanting to show them to you ever since, but never got around to photographing them.  Until today.  Enjoy. 🙂

White ankle socks, knit from Knitpicks Comfy Fingering weight yarn in White, using the Univeral Toe-Up Sock Formula by Amy Swenson (my go-to sock pattern for every occasion), with my own small mods.  These socks are so soft – they feel amazing on my feet!  The only change I would make is to knit the cuff in 1×1 ribbing instead of 2×2, which is a little loose.  Otherwise perfect!

Sunshine Baby Blanket, knit with Caron Simply Soft using a modification of the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  This is intended for Diva’s firstborn, and will probably be the last baby blanket I knit for quite a while!

I also finished the handwarmers that were Ani’s Epiphany present back in January.  They’re knit from Serenity Sockweight yarn in the Lavender Topaz colorway, using a pattern I made up as I knit along.  I’m particularly proud of the cables on the back.

Because they’re actually little braids!  This makes me unreasonably happy.

I’ve also been knitting along on Mom’s Queen Anne’s Lace shawl, and making good progress!

This is knit using Silky Cashmere Lace yarn in Sunbleached Silver from Impulse of Delight (one of my favorite yarn sources ever), and is intended for my mother.  The pattern is Queen Anne’s Lace by Mmario.

I just started the second to last chart, and am contemplating whether or not I want to add beads to this last section.  On the plus side, it would look awesome, and add some drape to the shawl.  On the negative side, this shawl is very large, and that many beads might add a lot of weight, which could end up distorting the shawl, and perhaps even pulling apart the soft thread.  For reference, here’s a couple of pictures of completed Queen Anne’s Lace shawls.  What do you guys think?