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Ever had one of those moments when suddenly things shift under your feet, and you think, whoa, the world is different now?  Last night I was Skypeing with The Young Queen, and she made a joke about me moving to Madison to take over her job, and then it turned out that she wasn’t so much joking, and my deep aversion to moving didn’t kick in, and the more she told me about this job the more I thought it sounded like it was made for me, plus the money?  Let’s just say I think I could pay all of my bills, and maybe even have a little leftover for, I dunno, buying pretty yarn, or traveling to visit friends, or swing dancing, or, you know, stuff.  Plus there’s the whole having-of-benefits aspect, something I haven’t had in… way too long.  And did I mention the money?

Let’s be clear, this is just a harebrained scheme cooked up by two friends sortof late at night, and might not bear up under any sort of real life conditions (there’s the whole persuading her bosses to hire me and all), but still.  Simply the fact that I’m still thinking about this the next day, and thinking things like, they have swing dancing in Madison, and a Theology On Tap that I could attend without having to work it, and really cool craft shows/farmers markets, oh, and yarn shops too.  And, yes, I would miss my family a lot (no more Rosie coming in the door and saying, “Hello, smooch!” or Boy-O and the Absent-minded Professor dropping by), and my friends (both my great swing dancing community, and my dear ones who don’t dance), and my great, low-rent apartment.  It would be hard starting over without the deep network of support I have here in Dayton.  I don’t really have the money to start over right now (though it seems even that objection has a solution).  It would be a huge undertaking.

The problem is that as soon as I think of something negative, I think of something positive to counter it.  I think of being far away from my Guru, and then I think that I would be close enough to Tree & Ivy’s farm that I could visit on the weekends.  I think about having to start all over in a new swing dancing scene where none of the leads know me, and having to prove myself as a dancer, and then I think of how amazing it would be to actually have the money to pay off my debts.  I think of how much I would miss my swing kids, and then I think about having health insurance.  And it keeps going like that.

So, I guess we’ll see what happens.  Both The Young Queen and I are thinking and praying hard about this.  It’s so out of the blue, but that’s how God work sometimes.  There’s a million ways that this wouldn’t work, but who knows?  Maybe it will work, and maybe one of these days I might find myself loading my things in a van and heading for Wisconsin.

In the meantime, please keep my Aunt B, Johnnycakes’ mom,  in your prayers.  She’s been having a horrible time lately.  Her health, which has not been good for a long time now, has taken a rather dramatic turn for the worse.  It seemed to start with an inner ear infection, which had grown out of one of those epic colds Aunt B seems to get.  She coughed so hard she broke three of her ribs (this is either the second or third time she’s done this).  Then she started having problems with nausea and vomiting (Let’s think a little about what it would be like to have the dry heaves with three broken ribs.  Ok, you can stop now.), and was unable to keep even sips of water down at the same time that we’ve been having a massive heat wave with almost daily Heat Advisories.  The other night she was sleeping on the couch, felt nauseous, and when she tried to get up to go to the bathroom, fell off the couch and was unable to get up.  The family was finally able to convince her to go to the hospital, where they’re treating her for dehydration, and trying to figure out what is at the heart of this.  While it’s a relief that she’s finally getting the treatment she needs, this has been a fairly horrible time for her, plus there’s the hospital cost of a hospital stay, which she and Uncle B can’t really afford.  If you could please keep her in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.