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I tried the Craft Fair of Doom again, and, lo, it was not so Doomy.  🙂

I can’t say I’ve totally conquered, ruled, vanquished, etc., but all in all, it was quite a pleasant afternoon.  Considering how hellaciously awful it was the first time around, I’m quite pleased.  I did not get sunburned, I sold a lot more than I did the first time around, and none of my displays fell over even once.  I know.  It was awesome.  I even got out the door pretty much on time, and had my display set up before the event started.  I know.  Though I have to give credit for that last one to two total strangers who decided to help me put up the tent awning.  I’d borrowed it from Aunt & Uncle S, and had never done it before.  I figure that as long as I have instructions I can do just about anything I put my mind to, so I wasn’t too worried.  Still, as I crouched on the pavement, crumpled instruction sheet in one hand, trying to corral tent poles with the other, it was great to hear that voice over my shoulder asking, “Would you like some help?” My rescuer was the owner of the gallery behind me, who had seen me through his front window, and decided to help.  One of the ladies from the next booth also got into the act, and before we knew it, my awning was up  and ready to be hung with party pennants, paper garlands, and my pretty felt birds.  It was great.

Having that awning made such a difference.  It was still hot, but with the awning and lots of water, it was bearable.  Plus, did I mention the whole having a display that doesn’t blow over part?  That was great.  The one thing I want to work on for next time is getting there early enough to stake out a better spot.  Although I got there 45 minutes early, I still ended up down on the end of the row of vendors.  I was right next to the very busy lemonade stand, which was great, but I think being down closer to the thick of things would help improve my sales.  Also, I’ll have to see if I can talk someone into sharing my spot.  I don’t think I can rely on the kindness of strangers again to help me get the tent up, and while I can do it alone, it’s definitely easier with two.  Plus, having someone to share the expenses would make the difference between a marginally profitable day and a one that would feel much more worth my time.  So I’ll have to work on that.

Actually, it was a pretty great weekend all around.  I even got to go dancing.  Last weekend was the first ever Cincinnati Lindy Exchange.  I’d wanted to go, but when it came down to it, I couldn’t afford it.  I had just given up on being able to go at all, when Sky told me that the Saturday afternoon dance was going to be free (actually, it was $5), and that he was thinking of going down just for that.  I told him that I was interested, and he said he would let me know.  Saturday morning he texted me, and we arranged for him to pick me up around noon.  The dance was on the Purple People Bridge, one of my favorite things in Cincinnati.  It’s a pedestrian-only bridge across the Ohio river between Ohio and Kentucky, and it made an amazing place to dance.  The music was wonderful, the sun was warm, there was a fresh breeze off the river, there were some amazing leads there (including one guy from Texas who had all the girls buzzing) and I had a great time.  My only quibble was that we were promised cornmeal scattered on the concrete to make it easier to dance (concrete, especially rough concrete, is punishingly hard to dance on), and there was no cornmeal to be found.  I headed home afterwards pleasantly sore (I’ve come to realize that I rather like being a little sore on Monday – it lets me know that I had a good weekend), totally worn out, and happy down to my toes.

Now it’s Monday, the start of a new week, which is looking more and more full.  There’s lots of work to do at home (that laundry I hung out on the line on Friday?  It’s still out there – thank God it didn’t rain!), plus lots of work for my Etsy shop, which has been sadly neglected of late.  Plus I have a couple of knitting commissions that I need to get moving on.  And then today I found out that the job I currently have (which I rather like, even if it doesn’t pay the bills) is probably going to go away at the end of the month.  I’ve applied for a job at the downtown library, which looks promising, but I don’t want to count my paychecks before they’re direct deposited.  So I need to work harder at tracking down employment opportunities.  There’s just not a lot out there, and too many things have looked promising only to turn out to be scams, etc.  But the rent has got to be paid, so I’m going to keep looking.  If you remember, say a little prayer for me and my job prospects, ok?