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Lovely things about family vacation include:

Going swimming all together (sorry for no pictures of actual swimming – I forgot to take my camera to the pool!)

Big meals we cook and eat all together.  This one was meatball subs (the meatballs, etc. are in pots on the stove behind me as I’m taking this picture).

The beautiful, beautiful woods.

Encounters with wildlife – this is Sae taking a picture of the biggest caterpillar she’d ever seen.

But the best thing is just being together.  This is AnniPotts and Boy-O on the couch, next to Indy working on the quilt that almost got ruined at the Craft Fair of Doom (she now knows all about removing coffee stains!)

Sae, The Duchess, and Mom on the couch.

And a slightly better picture of The Duchess, just because she’s pretty.

And one of Big Brother, just because.

Except he thinks he looks better with his glasses off.

What do you think?