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The last few days have been rather unexpectedly social. First I spent most of the day Thursday out with Rosie.  We picked out the paint for the dining and living room (one Bright Cerulean Blue accent wall with Shooting Star White walls and woodwork, and very select accents picked out in Cavalry Gray), which was fun, and didn’t get home until late in the afternoon.  I just had time to get my photo blog post up, take a shower, and head off to my Catholic Life group.  There I saw One, who was in a rather desperate situation.  He is in the middle of moving, and the friend who was supposed to help him move his large items had car trouble at the last minute and couldn’t help.  He only had a few days before he was supposed to be out of the apartment, and didn’t know how this was going to happen.  I said that I was free, and that I could borrow my parents huge van to haul things.  The Thinker also said that he could help.

So this morning I got up a bit earlier than I had planned, picked up the van from the Family Homestead, and headed off to help One move.  It went fairly quickly, particularly after MDoS and The Beautiful T showed up to help.  Then One treated us to Indian food for lunch, and we were done about 4pm.  I headed home tired, a bit sunburned, with an incipient headache, and a mounting sense of doom as I considered all the work I hadn’t done over the last two days.

See, how things usually go is that I don’t work at my regular job on Thursday and Friday, so I have time to catch up on housework, and plug away at work for my Etsy shop and craft fairs.  This is when I spend hours at my sewing machine, making new garlands, photographing them, and getting them ready to post over the coming week.  It’s an unstructured time, which means it’s too easy to think of as “free time”, but it’s not really free at all.  It’s time that I count on to get things done.  Sometimes, if I don’t get much done, I can make it up over the weekend, but if my weekend’s busy, I’m sunk.

And this weekend is going to be busy.  My cousin is getting married in Cincinnati, so flocks of relatives from that side of the family whom I rarely see (I haven’t seen most of them since my brother’s funeral) will be coming into town.  I have a lot of girl cousins near my age on that side of the family, and the night after the wedding, we’re all going to stay at Mr. T’s house near Cincy.  The next day everyone is heading down to my Aunt and Uncle’s (the bride’s parents) lake house in Kentucky, where we’ll hang out Sunday night and Monday.  Monday afternoon The Duchess, myself, and one of my favorite of that group of cousins are heading back to Cincinnati to be Light Walkers for the Cincinnati Opera (this means you stand around in certain places on the stage so they can fix the lighting scheme), and stay to see the Dress Rehearsal for Otello.  I love opera with all my heart, so I’m looking forward to this very much, but it’s starting to sink in that I’ll be coming back late Monday, about to plunge into another week’s work almost an entire week behind.

Plus, the next weekend is going to be even more busy.  Some friends are trying to put together an Indian Movie Night on Friday, our Murder Mystery Dinner is on Saturday (lots of work necessary to get that ready), and my first craft fair since Christmas is Sunday (let’s not talk about how much I need to do to be ready for that).  It’s a lot to try to cram into a short week.  I’m starting, you know, panic a little.

But maybe it won’t be so bad.  Luciano Pavarotti is singing to me from the speakers of my laptop, and it’s difficult to panic while you’re listening to Pavarotti.  Plus I’ve been making the most beautiful/adorable/ridiculously cute felt birds for the craft fair, and possibly for my Etsy shop too, if I can figure out the way to package/ship them just right.  It’s too dark to take pictures of them today, but perhaps tomorrow…. I mean, the wedding’s not until 5:30 – I can get lots done before then, right?