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Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra-random (Hi, Xtiano!), I start wanting to use headers in my blog posts, like one of my favorite bloggers does, but then I remind myself that this would be derivative and unoriginal (oooh!  redundant!) and sternly refuse to contemplate it further.  Except there’s that whole thing about imitation and sincerity in flattery, and I thought I’d play around with it a little.  So, you know, enjoy.  Or not.

Craft Fairs and What Not

I’m getting ready to do another craft fair.  This time I’ll be heading down to Cincinnati on the second Sunday in July (July 11) for the Second Sundays In Over The Rhine.  I’m looking forward to it even as I’m nervous.  Craft fairs are a lot of work, 0ften for not much return.  Plus there’s always the anxiety in days leading up to it, wondering whether I’ve got enough stock to sell, enough variety of products, whether my stuff is priced right, whether I have what I need to display it enticingly, etc.  This craft fair is a little more low pressure – the registration fee is small, so I don’t have to sell as much before I turn a profit.  Plus it’s a repeat engagement (I’ll be back the second Sundays in August and September too), so hopefully people will get to know me a little.  Also, Squirtle’s Mom is going to be there, which is awesome.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

Last night when I took my hair down before going to bed, it was still damp from the shower I took that morning, hours and hours before.  One of the side effects of having long hair that I never expected was how long it takes to get really dry.  All in all, it’s been interesting having long hair.  Right now my hair is the longest it’s been since, I think, Kindergarten or first grade.  If I pull a strand straight it’s down to my waist, unstretched it hits just past halfway down my back.  I never consciously decided to grow my hair out.  My hair philosophy is mainly based on expending the least effort on it I can get away with.  This meant that I let my hair grown until split ends began to be a problem, and then I’d get Indy to trim it off.  This kept my hair fairly consistently a bit below my shoulders for a long time.  Then somehow I think I must have hit the sweet spot of shampoo and conditioner, and before I knew it, I’d gone over a year without a hair cut, and my hair was starting to get pretty long.  For a little while I toyed with the idea of cutting it all off, going really short for the first time since junior high, but then one of my guy friends started talking about how much he (and guys in general) liked long hair, and I thought, “Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll stick with the long hair a little longer.” That was last summer, and I’m still growing it out.  I’m starting to wonder exactly how long I’m going to let it get.  I mean, there’s long and pretty, and then there’s Possibly Home Schooled/Amish long, and the latter just isn’t a good look for me.   And then, do I go with my original plan of Chop It All Off, or do I just maintain it at it’s present length?  If you have an opinion, let me know.

The Lack of a Garden

I finally realized why I haven’t planted anything in the garden this year.  My mother even gave me a bunch of seedlings for my birthday, and they’re still sitting there, unplanted, on my front porch.  I think I’m burnt out a bit on gardening.  It’s hard to plant things and nurture them, to prepare the ground, plan out your placement, obsess over whether or not the plot will get enough light, and then just turn your back on the garden and walk away.  The garden I left behind at Johnsy’s was the fourth or fifth garden (depending on how you count them) I’ve had to leave behind.  At the moment I just don’t have the heart to put anything in the ground.  Maybe next year I’ll feel up to it, but not now.

Pretty, Pretty Dresses

I can’t stop looking at these dresses.  They’re so beautiful, and feminine, and exactly the kind of clothes I would wear if I could.  I think my favorite is the flowered dress with the low back in the first two pictures, or maybe the plaid sundress in the last picture.  That pinstripe sundress is awfully cute too.  And then there’s the black lace dress with the boat neck, and… yum.  I keep looking at the pleating and gathers used to manage the fullness of the skirts and the waistline and thinking, “I could do that.” After all, I’m loving the very full turquoise paisley skirt I made for myself a few weeks ago.  It has that late 40s/50s feel to it, and is so comfortable.  Plus, it has great pockets.  I had planned to make myself another out of a piece of eyelet I’ve had in my fabric stash forever, but when I took it out I realized that I don’t have quite enough.  So I’ll have to figure something else out.  Still, I have a feeling that more full skirts are in my future.

Frozen Coffee Goodness

I can’t wait to make this recipe for Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles.  I don’t remember how I found the recipe now, but man, they do sound good.  I can’t have things that call for added sugar (and I don’t like my coffee sweet anyway), so I’m planning to substitute evaporated milk for sweetened condensed milk, but hopefully that won’t mess with things too much.  I don’t have popsicle molds either, but they suggested using paper Dixie cups and plastic spoons instead, so I’m going to try that.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

And I think that’s entirely enough for one day.