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This is the elephant on my front porch.  It belonged to my grandmother, who had it on her back porch as long as I can remember.  After she died, somehow I managed to beat out the other competitors for it, and it became one of my most highly prized heirlooms (right up there with the Haviland china).  However, what you don’t know is that this elephant has a secret.

Can you see it?  Perhaps this will help:

This elephant is sheltering a kitten!  It’s one of a litter of three kittens that have been hanging around our porch for the last week or two.  We think the kitten’s father is the black cat which our neighbor has been feeding for the last year or so.  Although our neighbor had been talking about these kittens, I hadn’t seen any of them until yesterday, when I came home to see a little tortoiseshell kitten scurrying behind the potted plants as I came up the steps.  When I moved closer to investigate, I saw a little pointed tail disappearing underneath the elephant.  When I stooped lower, I saw that the kitten had tucked itself away in the gap between the elephant’s belly and the pedestal.  It was possibly the most adorable thing I’d ever seen.  I wanted to get a picture then, but the kitten’s dad wasn’t happy about me getting too close, so I let it go.  This afternoon, however, the dad was too busy sunbathing to interfere, and I was able to get these pictures.

I don’t know what will happen to these kittens, or their mother.  Our neighbor has taken an interest in their father, and has made an appointment to get him neutered.  But he can’t afford to take on all of them, and I know I can’t either.  Even SICSA isn’t accepting new cats right now, asking people to foster any animals they want to put up for adoption until they are adopted.  It feels a little heartless to not do anything for them, but as long as I’m struggling to pay for my own rent and groceries, I don’t feel that I can take responsibility for feeding and sheltering another creature.  (Also, I should possibly mention that I’m allergic to cats.)  However, if any of you local readers have been thinking you’d like a cute little companion, I know just where you can find one!