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Midsummer Costumes etc.

Because it’s all about the costumes.

Captain Badger and AnniPotts.  Cpt. Badger shows his sterling fashion sense, accessorizing a rainbow parachute cape with a cowboy hat and the classic funny eyeglasses with nose combination.  AnniPotts shows off her lovely legs in a short striped housedress, fierce shoes, and kimono tied behind the back to make a shrug, accented with railroad conductor’s hat.  Perfect.

‘Sup Doc and Ducky show their own creations.  ‘Sup Doc is chic in purple sparkly boa with matching overskirt,with a tie matching her blue bridesmaid dress pulling back her hair.  As for Ducky, well, it’s amazing what that man can do with 15 yards of gray satin.

Boy-O’s girlfriend looks sweet in a vintage crinoline with blue overdress belted with a pop-art comic book print belt.  Flowered rain boots complete the look.  Boy-O himself is dashing in newsboy cap, rainbow suspenders, and maroon crocheted wrap tied over sleep pants.  While his outfit may be comfortable, it loses points for lack of originality.

Here we see ‘Sup Doc again, along with the other two bridesmaid dresses we happened to have that matched hers.  I am wearing the dress I wore in ‘Sup Doc’s wedding, accented by a tulle turban, tattoo sleeves, and oversize earrings.  Sae also chose tattoo sleeves to accent her dress, along with a ribbon belt, prawn necklace, and red propeller hat.  She is helpfully pointing to the matching belt buckles both of us have chosen.

Here we see two of our outstanding male participants, modeling the looks they’ve chosen for the evening.  On the left we see a robin’s egg blue and cream patterned silk jacket worn over pale blue lounge pants, accented with a silver cowboy hat.  On the left we have rubber waders stuffed to achieve that highly desirable “pregnant” silhouette, and Russian fur hat.  I have no idea what he’s holding in his hand.

Here we have Sae again, along with her beau, Mr. T, wearing one of the outstanding outfits of the evening: zippered plaid pants, a tie-patterned vest, camouflage hat blinged out with vintage rhinestone brooches, and one dangly cross earring as the finishing touch.  Also shown is his daughter, Fleur, wearing a black lace dress, bridal veil, white lace sash, and carrying a very chic bamboo cane.

The scene as we started the read-through.

Fashion and Shakespeare are exhausting!