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In about two hours I’m heading out to meet up with Godiva, Mai, and Mai’s boyfriend (who really ought to have a nickname by now, and I’m still open to suggestions – hint, hint) to road trip up to Chicago for CUBE, the Chicago Underground Blues Experience.  Basically, there’s this big free blues festival in Chicago, and local swing dancers got together to open their homes to dancers from out of town who might want to come dance at the festival.  This is Mai and Godiva’s third year going up to it, my and Nameless’s first.  For a long time I didn’t feel comfortable enough with blues dancing to be open to a whole weekend of nothing but, and then there came the great Dancing Away From Home Drought of 08-09.  I’m working hard to break that drought, and a free event with free housing and three other fellow dancers to share gas expenses is right up my budgeting alley.  I’m looking forward to it a lot.  At least two other cars of Dayton area dancers are heading up as well, so I’ll have lots of friends to hang out with, and I’ve been gradually falling more and more in love with blues dancing.  But I’m not very good at blues yet, so we’ll see.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

In other news, AnniPotts is safely returned home from South Dakota, along with everyone who went out to retrieve her, plus two parakeets named Malcolm and Bob.  They got in last night very tired, very happy, and with many, many photographs to show me.

And now I must go pack for Chicago.