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So recently I’ve been working hard on my Etsy shop.  I know there’s a direct correlation between how active I am on it (updating frequently, etc.) and how many sales I get.  Of course, there are other times when I seem to get lots and lots of inquiries about custom orders when I haven’t added any new content in quite a while.  But recently I read an interview with a successful Etsy seller who said that the ideal number of items in a shop was between 40 and 60, which means two or three screens of items.  People like having lots of options, but they’re not going to wade through more than two or three screens of them.  The number of items I’ve had listed has hovered around 19 or 20 for most of the time I’ve had a shop.  However, I’ve decided to start working on getting my numbers up.  I also want to expand my Baby and Bridal sections.  I have so many really adorable baby items, and so many beautifully elegant garlands that would look so pretty as part of a wedding.   Plus I have some ideas for a line of patriotic garlands that I think people will love.  So I’ve been spending a lot of time lately bonding with my paper punches, and carrying my shoe box of things over to Mom and Dad’s to be sewn (my own sewing machine is still, alas, broken).

While this has been very interesting (at least I think so), it doesn’t make for very fun blogging.  I mean, I didn’t even go to the Farmers’ Market on Saturday.  It’s been a preternaturally quiet few days, full of making things, knitting things, listening to audio books, and ignoring the house cleaning, punctuated by thunder storms and getting caught in the rain, and one truly nasty headache Saturday night.  I did finish the skirt I’ve been working on, and am contemplating posting pictures.  It’s hard to take pictures I like of myself, so I don’t know.  But the skirt is really cute, so I might end up taking some anyway.

Although things are quiet right now, I promise they won’t stay that way.  Next weekend is CUBE (the Chicago Underground Blues Experience), which will be the first time I went on a road trip with Godiva and Mai since PittStop ’08.  We’ll also have Mai’s boyfriend, who doesn’t have a nickname yet (any suggestions?), which will be interesting.  Then the weekend after that is the Midsummer’s Party, which is going to be awesome.  The next weekend Ani and I had been planning our Mystery Dinner, except now we think we’re going to move it into July, which means I might have a free weekend.  Plus, did I mention that AnniPotts will be home soon?  So things are going to heat up pretty quickly.

Stay tuned…