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I wanted to write a cheery blog post about Boy-O’s graduation party, and making masses of oven-fried chicken, and the bonfire over at Grace’s house on Saturday, with talking with The Thinker for hours, and how fun it is to end an evening with a cute guy pointing out constellations, and how Tuesday morning after a holiday weekend is the worst, because it’s just like Monday without all the things that make Monday a little bit  better.  I was even thinking of talking about the sewing I worked on over the weekend, and how I managed to jam a sewing needle halfway down my thumb under my thumb nail (yeah, that was fairly unpleasant).  But I got the news at work today that somehow parts of the UD bureaucracy think I haven’t attended a class since 2006, and therefore aren’t eligible to have the job that’s currently paying my rent, which means that somewhere they don’t have the  years of classes that drove me to Homework Seclusion, mass caffeine consumption, and every birthday for four years being a blur because it was always during finals.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m trying to figure out how to pay for the student loans I had to take out for those classes they think didn’t happen?  So I’m currently panicking just, um, a little, little bit.    As soon as I’m off work tomorrow I’m heading down to the Registrar’s office, where hopefully I will be able to get the paperwork proving that the last few years haven’t been one big pipe dream and all will be well.  However, in the meantime it’s been a fantastically unpleasant Tuesday, and I’d like it to be over Right Now, thank you, except I don’t want to miss watching Glee.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to go hide in a bookstore somewhere and read something with no redeeming literary value.

The end.