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Boy-O with Mom & Dad

So it seems that Boy-O went and graduated from high school.  Gosh.  This kid.  I love all my siblings more than I can say, and they all delight me in so many ways, from AP’s tenderness to the way Mariah deliberately resists the urge to run the world, but Boy-O has always had a special place in my heart.  Part of it, I’m sure, is that he is my Baby Brother, the Baby of our whole family, and so we accord him a special place in our lives, but seriously, this kid is sweet and smart and amazing.  And now he’s a grown up, or at least something like one, and I’m so proud of him.

Of course, when someone graduates, the question everybody asks is what they’re doing next.  Boy-O has had many plans for his life – I still remember when he was eight or so he very seriously told me that he was going to go to college on a ROTC scholarship, serve in the military, become a lawyer so that he could become a judge, and become a Permanent Deacon, after, of course, getting married.  (I think this was after my family had been watching a lot of A Man For All Seasons.)  Boy-O doesn’t remember telling me this, and has since lost all interest in the legal profession.  For a while now he’s wanted to be a firefighter.  He’s talked to some firefighters, and they told him not to worry about a four year school, that a two year degree in Fire Science would be much more useful, but that if at any point he could actually get a job as a firefighter, the on-the-job training would be worth more than any classroom learning he could get.  They also said that training as an EMT would be very useful.  So Boy-O plans to start working towards these degrees at Sinclair in the Fall.

We’re having Boy-O’s big graduation party on Sunday.  He’s having a joint party with his best friend (who I haven’t figured out a nickname for).  When we asked him what food he wanted at the party, he said, “Chicken!  Fried chicken!  Lots of it!” and left it at that.  We asked if he wanted any of the things that usually go with chicken (potato salad, beans, etc.) and he said no, that he just wanted chicken.  Consequently on Sunday I’m going to be oven-frying fast batches of chicken drummies (using BMIWW’s recipe, of course), and Mariah will be making hot wings, and hopefully we’ll have enough to satisfy our little carnivore.  Of course, while Boy-O may be able to live by chicken alone, the rest of us like a bit more variety in our diets, so other people will be bringing the side dishes and cake and stuff like that.

On the business side, I think I’m going to have to figure out a new blogging schedule.  I really liked the  MWF thing (with W being sometimes Th) I had going, but my schedule has shifted around, and I don’t know if it’s going to work anymore.  So I’m afraid that my blogging might be a little irregular until I get the scheduling bugs worked out.  I hope you guys will be patient with me until I get back into a groove again!