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Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Wish List

My birthday is fast approaching, but when Aunt S asked me last weekend what I wanted for my present, I had no idea what to tell her. Now I know that I’m going to ask for help fixing my sewing machine (more on that Friday), but I was thinking that if I could jettison all practical considerations (like the impulse that led me to ask my parents for an iron), and leaving aside, say, trips to Vienna or being set up on a blind date with Michael Bublé (did I tell you about the killer dream I had about him?), this is what I would want for my birthday:

Protagonist Necklace from Lioness Den Jewelry

Because sometimes I need a reminder that, yes, I am the hero of my own life, not just a walk-on in someone else’s.

Felted Slippers from Bure

Because we need a little gratuitous beauty in our everyday lives.  Also, did I mention that my house gets cold?

When Was The Last Time You Thanked Your Heart For Beating print from Farouche.

Since my brother’s death from a heart attack at age 30, I’ve been hyper-conscious of my own heart, and how grateful I am that it continues to work for one more day.  This print sums up that gratitude for me.

Purple Tower for Curtain from Intres Handmade.

It’s not PC, but since I was little I’ve had a small daydream about being a princess in a tower.  Though frankly anything from this shop would be very welcome – I love her felt bonsai trees too!

Blushing In Pink dress by Ouma.

Every woman’s wardrobe should include one completely unnecessary, utterly gorgeous dress that makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Swirling Embrace print by Amy Erickson

Sometimes, when you’re really lucky, when the stars align, and your guardian angel decides you’ve been extra special good, this is what a dance feels like.

Merino/Angora/Cashmere laceweight yarn (1250 meters) from The Gossamer Web.

Do I need more yarn?  Heavens, no!  I could knit for years without ever having to buy another skein.  But… but… it’s so pretty.  And soft.  And that color!  And, well, I want it.