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It was a rather excellent weekend, and it had nothing to do with the Feast of St. Valentine.  In fact, I kept forgetting that Valentine’s Day was happening at all.  But then, I think I am unique among most of the single people I know in that I rather like Valentine’s Day.  I look on it, not as a celebration of couples, but of a celebration of the fact that romantic love exists, which makes me happy.  But I digress.  It was an excellent weekend, mostly because it was full of good things.

It started off with Olympic goodness.  For some reason I had thought the Opening Ceremonies were Sunday, so I was very surprised when I turned on the tv Friday night, and there they were.  They rather knocked my socks off, from the flying over fields of golden wheat to the whales swimming across the floor of the coliseum.  It was amazing and beautiful, and I loved it.  I also finally got to experiment with making bottle cap pincushions, a project I’ve been thinking about since I first saw a tutorial for them on flickr.  They turned out extremely well (I’ll have pictures on Wednesday), and I moved on to making a set of felt-covered barrets for Little Miss Stinker, Pixie and Hot Josh’s daughter who just turned one.  I embroidered pretty designs on them, and liked them so much that I briefly considered making them for my sisters and female friends for Valentine’s Day presents, but then realized that I should have thought of that two weeks ago, and let the thought slip out of my mind.

Saturday was AP’s 21st birthday party.  He advertised the party on facebook with the tagline, “I only intend to get stinking drunk once in my life, and I’d like you to be there.” He had asked Rosie if he could have the party at our house, which meant that the house had to be company-ready.  This was fairly easy after all the cleaning and rearranging that happened when the dining room got primed.  The main challenges seemed to be making sure that there was enough drink on hand, and discussing various party games.  This was a new approach to parties for me.  Usually when I’m planning a party I figure out the food and the music long before I think about the drink.  That part usually takes care of it itself (every time I throw a party I have more alcohol on hand after the party than I did before).  But everything went swimmingly.  We ended up playing an Olympics drinking game (Another heart-warming story about an Olympian!  Everybody drink!), and a few other games, dancing in the dining room, and having a marvelous time.  AP did indeed get rather drunk, which seemed to put him into a state of Zen-like contemplation, except when he would suddenly interject a very funny remark into the conversation.  When I went up to bed about 2am, they were just breaking out Guitar Hero.

Sunday was spent mostly recuperating after the party.  When I came downstairs rather late Rosie had already made coffee, and was whipping up a batch of pancakes with AP.  After a while Johnnycakes came down too, and we all ate breakfast together while I showed them the source of my unending love for Vladimir Putin.  We spent the rest of the day in the living room watching many, many episodes of Bones.  Rosie and Johnnycakes were nursing hangovers, and I was making major headway on Hot Josh’s Christmas stocking.  So far it seems like I have to knit and rip out each section at least once before I get it the way I like.  It took me a little while to figure out intarsia too, but I think I have the hang of it now.  The good news is that this first intarsia section is the most complicated – after this the designs get progressively easier as you work your way down the leg.  One of the side benefits is that I now know how to knit in yarn ends, which is very helpful.  I really hate weaving in yarn ends, and have sometimes left projects unfinished for months (um, years) because I don’t want to weave the yarn ends in.

Anyway, between the knitting, the Bones, and the company, it was the best after-party I think I’ve ever had.  I’m used to coming downstairs the next day to find that Johnsy has ruthlessly cleaned everything up, including consolidated piles of stuff for me to Take Care Of ASAP.  While this does mean the house returns to normal very quickly, it makes for an abrupt transition from feel-good party vibes to the bright light of day.  We may have bottles still cluttering the dining room table, but I think I like this way better.