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Sometimes really nice things happen.  And by this I don’t just mean having a loving family that looks out for you, or (ex) roommates who still love you and want you around even when you don’t live with them anymore, or, you know, the sun shining (although I, personally, am a fan).  I mean totally out of the blue, I didn’t see that one coming, the world is a strange and wonderful place sort of nice things.  Sometimes this second category of Lovely Things happen too, and when they do, it’s, well, rather amazing.

Here’s what happened:  Some of you, my dear readers, may have noticed that I am rather smitten with a particular illustration by Sophie Blackall, a really rather amazing artist whose work I admire.  For some time now she’s been taking various Missed Connections posts from Craigslist, illustrating them, and blogging the illustrations.  I’ve been following this blog almost since the beginning, and have been amused and delighted by her tenderly whimsical drawings.  However, when she posted the Knitting Girl Missed Connection, I fell in love.  It wasn’t just that it was about a man falling for a girl knitting in public, there was something else about the illustration that just… got me.  I knew that there were prints of the various illustrations available in Sophie’s Etsy shop, but my finances being the way they were, all I could afford was longing from afar.  However, I loved it so much that I mentioned it here on my blog, posted it on my facebook wall (my uncle suggested that I put it on my Christmas Wish List), and on twitter too.  Somehow in all this, through the magic of the internet, word of my longings got back to Sophie.  When I logged onto Etsy yesterday, I found this message waiting for me:

Dear Bernadette,
I heard on the grapevine that you would like a print of the Knitting Girl Missed Connection… If you send me your shipping address, I’d love to give you one.

Oh, my friends.  Words fail me.  And that doesn’t happen very often.  I can’t express how excited I am to be having a print of this illustration for my very, very own, or how totally astounded I am that the fact that I wanted this somehow got to Sophie Blackall’s ears (er, eyes?), or how utterly touched I am at her generosity in giving her art away to a total stranger.  It makes me want to do pirouettes around the room.  Really.

In the first category of Lovely Things, I also would like to submit this past weekend as being a good example.  I ended up spending a lot of time with my family and roommates.  Friday night was watching Jeeves & Wooster with Johnnycakes (Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry singing Minnie The Moocher is beyond words wonderful).  Saturday was my uncle’s graduation party (he just finished his MA in Library Science in December), which not only featured Aunt S’s Potatoes of Amazingness (I don’t know what she puts in them, but I suspect crack.  Also, possibly, cheese.), but also games.  I ended up playing Pictionary on a team with Indy and Dad, which pwned the team of Rosie, Johnnycakes, and Boy-O.  While I personally consider my illustration of “glacier” as rather masterful, I think Dad took the cake with his self-portrait illustrating “myself.”  Sunday I spent time in my sunny new sewing room (pictures tomorrow), then had practice with my swing kids, and then went over to my old place to watch West Wing and Bones with Ani, Johnsy, and Magda.  The big news was that Magda has finally settled on a religious order – she’s been discerning this for some time now, and has at last decided that the Dominicans are the ones for her.  Also, our kitten Baby is one step closer to losing his manhood, which will hopefully be before he starts marking his territory (me & Ani: Don’t hit puberty yet, Baby!  Stay pure!).

And in other news Rosie reluctantly announced Sunday that she might, possibly, maybe be done with the plastering in the dining room.  This means that, after a year of plaster dust coating everything, the dining room furniture being shoved into the sun room, and large ladders being a fixture in the downstairs, we might finally be able to actually, you know, clean things.  And put furniture against the walls.  And maybe even (gasp!) paint!  It’s rather a wonderful thing.  After a year of being a perfectionist with the plaster (“I’m not done yet!  There’s a microscopic crack that no one can see but me that needs to be filled in!”), this rather revolutionary change has been inspired by AP’s rapidly approaching birthday.  He’s turning 21, and wants to have his party at our place.  Also, I promised to bake bread.  And now we just have to clean.  And paint.  And move furniture.  And then I can put my stuff in/on the furniture.  And it will be good.