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Wordless Not-Wednesday: Warm Things

I might have mentioned that it’s a little cold at our house these days.  This has me ogling wool sock yarns on Etsy, and pricing carpets on ebay.  In honor of the cold, here’s a few warm things I’ve been dreaming of:

Knotty but Nice hat pattern from Knitty

Serapi Antique Persian Rug

The Scarlet Letter Lilith Sock Yarn from Femme Fatale Fibers

Large Pocket Wool Suspender Skirt from BBQyourheart

And the stuff that kinda keeps me alive some days…

Hot black tea with milk, from s.l.o.w.p.o.k.e’s flickr stream

ETA: this awesomeness

which I covet with all my heart.  Knitting Girl on 7 Train to Sunnyside from Sophie Blackall and the Missed Connections project.