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It’s been an interesting day.  I had a bad asthma attack when I went to clear off my car this morning and ended up calling in sick to work.  As I hung up the phone I had a flashback to last year, calling in sick with a migraine, and then getting that call from Indy to tell me that Jacob had collapsed at work, and Mom and Dad were heading down to Cincinnati to be with him.  I kinda sat for a minute after that, and then I had breakfast, and then the cat and I took a very long nap.  I was woken up by the doorbell ringing.  It was Johnnycakes, showing up all unexpected-like on my doorstep.  It seems that Johnsy had dropped of chocolate Christmas goodness for him at his work, and since he was in the area, he had walked over to say thank-you.  Johnsy wasn’t here, but I said that if he would help me carry things, I would give him a ride home.  He gladly accepted, and we were hanging around waiting for me to wake up when first Ani, and then Johnsy came home.  So hanging around turned into hanging out, with chocolate covered Nabisco wafers, and practice purring (since cats use it to manipulate humans, shouldn’t humans get in on the action?  Except it turns out that when humans purr it mostly comes off as creepy and menacing, not endearing), and then at some point we decided to get pizza.  And it’s good.

In general things have been pretty good.  Slowly but surely I’m getting over my cold or whatever it was that hit me.  The fever has gone, but has left a cough behind, and asthma.  Wednesday night I think I broke my own record for most asthma attacks while dancing.  I danced once with Galahad, and then had to go sit down on the comfy couch for a while.  The up side to this was that I had lots of time to finish Magda and Johnsy’s Epiphany gifts (I’m not late, I’m Liturgically Correct!) – thick wool house socks.  Every once in a while a slow song would come on, and I would go dance, and then come back again afterwards to recover again.

As I’ve been emerging from my sickness fog, I’m realizing that I’m supposed to be moving in exactly a week, and I’ve barely packed anything, much less made the curtains for the three walls of windows in my new room (except I think I might want Roman shades instead) and the two French doors.  Oh, and painted.  And cleaned.  Sigh