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This morning I woke up with The Beatles singing in my head (“I’m so glad that she’s my little girl/She’s so glad she’s telling the whole world…”), and even though it was much too early and I was having a hard time finding something both clean and work appropriate to wear, it was a good morning.  Come to think of it, it’s been a fairly good week or so.  Not great.  Not horrible.  But ok.  This year I’ll take it.

Christmas with my family is usually a good time.  We have a lot of family traditions, from decorating on Christmas Eve to opening stockings on Christmas morning, doing our family presents a few days after Christmas, and going to go see a movie together on the day we open presents.  All the traditions can make the days between Christmas Eve and New Years Day something of a marathon, but it feels good.  It’s like we wait until it’s really Christmas to celebrate, and then we do Christmas with all our hearts.  It’s been a bit of a subdued Christmas this year – we can’t help remembering, and missing Jacob so much – but it’s been a good one.  I got some lovely presents, and was able to finish Boy-O’s socks just in time (I was working on them literally up until the last moment, weaving in yarn ends as we came back from the movie before opening family presents), and he likes them.  Mariah gave me a gift certificate for dancestore.com, which means I’ll finally be able to get new dancing shoes (my current pair have large holes in the soles from dancing on carpet every Monday at the UD Swing Club).  I also got the awesomest pair of black velvet pajama pants, which I’ve been wearing almost non-stop ever since (so comfy).

I should also mention that Sunday was my parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Yeah, you read that right – forty years.  One winter’s day in 1969, my mother stood at the back of the church in southern Ohio where I was later baptized, 20 years old and scared to death.  She wore a white a-line mini-dress with a triangle of white lace for a veil, and carried white poinsettias.  When she finally stood next to my father, she whispered in his ear that if he wanted to he could back out right then.  Thankfully he didn’t, not then nor in any of the troubles they’ve faced together since.  They’ve been through a lot together: births, deaths, moves, health issues, money problems.  But through everything they’ve stuck together, always working together to make their relationship better.  I was thinking the other day what a blessing their example is to me.  So many of my friends have never seen a marriage like this, don’t really believe that it’s possible.  I know that it’s possible for two fallible human beings to love one another the best they can through everything that life throws at them because I’ve seen my parents do it.  For forty years.

Now we’re getting ready for New Years Day, and Big Annual Family Party.  This year I’m encoring the Chicken Parmigiana I made for Boy-O’s football Seniors, and making Spreadable Crack for part of the hors d’oeuvres.  Both Johnsy and Ani are coming, though I think the most anticipated guest will be Sparky, the Duchess and Indy’s friend from Philadelphia.  Both of my sisters have talked about this guy so much that I think it would take a superman to live up to the expectations.  I’m looking forward to meeting him at last.