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I had this idea for a Wordless Wednesday post this week.  I was going to photograph a pile of crumpled up tissues, lovingly lit, exploring the rich depth and texture in all the soft nooks and crannies.  It could have been a lovely photograph.  Unfortunately, it would have taken actual energy to assemble the tissues and photograph them, exactly the thing I’ve lacked for the last four days.  It seems it was my turn to get clobbered again by the Plague House, and I got clobbered good.

I’d been feeling run down for a little while, but I’d been hoping that it was just the usual stress of the season.  Then Tuesday morning I woke up in the midst of a ferocious sneezing fit.  My throat was on fire, and my head so muzzy with fever that just picking my way cautiously to the bathroom and back made the room start spinning.  I took decongestants and aspirin, gargled some salt water for the throat, and went back to bed.  I pretty much stayed there for two days.  The throat started feeling better after a day or so, but the fever didn’t want to leave.  Last night I left the house for the first time in three days.  It wasn’t the smartest thing I’d ever done – just the effort necessary to take a shower and put on normal clothes left me rather wobbly.  But I had promises to keep, so I went.  This morning the fever was up again, so I called in sick, but as the day has gone on I’ve been feeling steadier than I have in days.  I think tomorrow I might try to return to normal life.  We’ll see.

I’m not the only one sick at our house these days.  Our kitten, Baby, has joined me on the sick list.  We’re not sure what’s wrong.  Suddenly, although he had been immaculately house trained for weeks, he started throwing up and pooping all over the place.  At the same time, he’s been shrinking.  When he came to us he had been a starvling little kitten, scrawny as all get out, with his bones practically poking through his skin.  It had been very satisfying to see him become almost pleasingly plump, an adorable little butterball.  However, in the last few weeks he’s been slimming down alarmingly.  He’s not as scrawny as he was when he came to us, but his bones are much more apparent.  Ani keeps talking about taking him to the doctor, but hasn’t been able to.  On top of her own medical bills (including that trip to the ER, and missing a month and a half of work), a big vet bill would be devastating.  In the meantime we worry, research kitten illnesses online (does he have worms? an allergy? something else?), and hope for the best.

I’ve gotten remarkably little accomplished since I’ve been sick, but I’m pretty pleased with the one thing I actually got done.  I finally found the notebook with Boy-O’s measurements in it (his feet are 9 1/2 ” around and 10 1/2 ” long, in case you wanted to know), and got started on his Christmas socks.  So far they’re coming along nicely.  I’m about 5 1/2″ in, about halfway through the feet.  I’ll keep knitting until they’re 9″ long, then turn the heel and keep going until I run out of yarn.  I’m knitting the socks two at a time on one long circular knitting needle, so hopefully this will go quickly.  As of today I have ten knitting days in which to finish them.