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Sometimes it’s a little difficult to figure out what to write about week in and week out.  I mean, I’m sure some of you aren’t really interested in yet another riveting story about how Johnsy and I stayed home and watched West Wing.  All afternoon I’ve been poking around at my other tasks (office Christmas cards!  Yay!  Yes, that was a sarcastic “Yay.”), mentally trying out different ideas, and then discarding them.  Then I decided that, in the interests of openness, I would give you a list of all the things I considered writing about today.  Enjoy!

  1. I can’t find the notebook that I wrote Boy-O’s foot measurements in.  This means that I haven’t gotten any farther on his Christmas socks than the gauge swatch.  This is somewhat panic-inducing, since I only have two weeks now to knit in, and I can’t remeasure his feet without giving away the secret that I’m his Kris.  Also, the yarn is really pretty, and really soft, and I wish I were knitting it, I really do.  Sigh.
  2. Speaking of Boy-O, on Saturday I was down at Spaghetti Warehouse at a surprise birthday party for Pixie, when who should walk in but our very own Boy-O, all spiffed up in a button down shirt, tie, etc.  It seems that Saturday was also the night of his school’s Christmas dance, and the group he was going with had decided to have dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse too.  I knew which girl was his date because her dress matched his shirt, but he didn’t introduce me (of course I went over and said hi and collected my  hug) and when I asked him about her later on he was uncharacteristically non-forthcoming.  Which makes me even more curious than I was before.  Hmmmm….
  3. Speaking of Pixie, she and her family are comissioning me to knit them some Christmas stockings.  Pixie’s family has these great knitted stockings they’ve been using since she was a baby, and they wanted some made to match for HotJosh, and their baby daughter Little Miss Stinker.  I’m very excited about doing this – the stockings are pretty cool, with Christmas trees, Santas, and other designs knitted into the legs, and multiple colors keeping it interesting.  However, when I matched the sample stocking to yarn at the store, the closest match (and it was pretty dead on for both color and feel) was one of the cheapest acrylic yarns availalble.  Which presents me with a dilemma.  Do I knit with the yarn that will perfectly duplicate the original stocking and feels awful to work with, or do I upgrade the yarn a little, and probably not be able to match the colors exactly?  I’m leaning towards option A, in part because it would be a pain to try to match the colors in another yarn, but still…  I dunno.
  4. For a while Ani and I have been thinking about throwing a Mustache Party.  People would bring or make (or grow) their own mustaches which they would be required to wear for the duration of the party, there would be a competition for who could produce the best impromptu poem on mustaches, and an obstacle race of food that is difficult to eat with mustaches (I figured Johnnycakes could help with that).  We’ve been giggling over various plans for this party for a while, and then today I saw this pattern posted on one of my favorite knitting websites.  And, yes, I know that I have a list of knitting a mile long, but aren’t they incredibly sweet?  You know you agree with me.
  5. Speaking of Johnnycakes, last night I went to six o’clock Mass at St. Joe’s, and happened to find Johnnycakes sitting in the pew near the door I went in.  Of course I sat with him during Mass, and afterwards I offered him a lift home.  His home will soon be my home, and I had a few things to deliver there (not that I wouldn’t give Johnnycakes a lift to just about anywhere he wanted to go anyway).  While I was there I looked a little more closely at the room that will soon be mine, and noticed for the first time that the walls are a shade of green that shouldn’t have existed past 1965.  I think I have some painting to do.

There was more, including the pizza party at which I ate actual pizza with actual cheese for the first time in four years (and wow, it was good), Johnsy and my growing West Wing obsession (enabled by my dear friend Swing Snark), and just exactly how much I love Glee, but I think those things are going to have to wait until another post.