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So there’s a little piece of news I’ve, sort of, um, neglected to mention for a little while now.  This was partly because while it was good news in a way, it wasn’t particularly happy news, so I didn’t want to talk about it.  Also, there have been other things to blog about.  But it’s time for me to come clean, so here it is: I’m moving out of Johnsy’s house.  And, yeah, this sucks big time, so I hope you’ll permit me to whine a little bit about it.

I don’t want to leave.  I like living with Johnsy.  And, yes, I know, we’ll still be in the same general area, and we’re also rather fond of one another, so I’m sure we’ll see each other quite a bit, but it won’t be the same.  Seeing each other will involve planning, and going out into the cold, and putting on suitable-for-public-consumption clothing rather than schlepping down the hall in your pj’s to vent about something, or inquire if the other person is perhaps available for a spot of West Wing viewing.  Plus, now there’s Ani too.  Before she moved in this summer, I barely knew her, and now she’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  I don’t want to leave her either.  Or Baby.  What will I do without that little trouble maker?  And let’s not talk about the garden….  The other thing is that I hate moving.  Really, really hate it.  At one point I decided that I would rather be single than have to move again in order to live with a husband.  There’s so much disruption, and you can’t find anything (sometimes you never do find it), and everything is chaotic and awful, and just the thought of packing up all my books?  Horrible.

However, the sad truth is that I cannot afford to live at Johnsy’s anymore.  Money has been dreadfully tight for some time now.  My hours at work got cut in half in August, and since I’m not in class right now the student loans that I would have used to bridge the gap aren’t available to me.  I’ve been trying hard to cut corners, make a little more money however I can, but it’s not enough.  The ends just won’t meet.  By moving, I’m cutting my rent by 2/3, and in one stroke will suddenly be able to actually live on the amount of money I make.  I know.  What a concept.  As much as I love Johnsy, I have to be able to pay my bills.  So I’m moving.

The good part of moving is that I’m going to be living with Rosie and Johnnycakes.  Rosie is my youngest sister, Johnnycakes is my favorite cousin, and I’m delighted to be living with them.  I enjoy both of them very much, and I think we’ll get along well together.  However, until last night I wasn’t exactly excited to be moving.  The room I was moving into was an unfinished room in the basement that only recently had electrical outlets installed.  I was trying hard to focus on the great workroom I was going to have in the upstairs solarium, but that basement room… it was discouraging.  I tried to think or it as a Hobbit Hole, which helped a lot, but still… not thrilling.

Then last night Rosie called.  She had been thinking about the whole room situation, and really didn’t like the idea of me sleeping down in the basement with all the dust, and damp, and possible mold (very unhealthy for asthma sufferers like me), and maybe carbon monoxide poisoning from the furnace in the next room.  She asked me if I was very attached to the basement room, or if perhaps I might be interested in having the sleeping porch upstairs instead.  And interested?  I was thrilled!  I love light and air and being able to see the sky.  Sleeping in a room full of windows, even if it is unheated and I’ll have to go through Rosie’s room to get to it, is right up my alley.  Of course, I’m going to have to invest in a space heater, and a lot of curtains, but I don’t care.  Sky and light and air = bliss.  Also, did I mention that the room has its own fireplace?  I don’t think it’s functional, but still.  My own fireplace!  I’m so excited.

I should also mention, while I’m on this news-telling kick, that it seems that we are still the Plague House.  While Ani seems to be slowly but surely on the road to full recovery, Johnsy has lapsed back into full on flu badness.  She’s pretty miserable, so if you could say a prayer for her, that would be much appreciated!