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First off, if today is Friday (12/4) or Saturday (12/5) and you have not yet hied yourself off to the Handmade Holidays Craft Fair and General Hootenanny, for heavens’ sakes, reader, why not?  This thing is all kinds of wonderfulness.  Not just lovely and unique crafts, but vintage items, food, wine, live musical entertainment, plus an opportunity to get a massage or a henna tattoo (maybe both at once!).  Honestly, the more I find out about all the goodness we’re going to have going on and the amazingly talented craftspeople I’m going to be sharing the space with, the more I’m excited to be part of it.  In short, it is my considered opinion that you should come forthwith, at this very moment, don’t spare the horses, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, get your butt down here, I mean this now, don’t make me come up there.  For realz.

Also, I think among the many lovely vegetable ingredients Subway put on the sub I had for lunch might have been a little crack.  Or maybe it’s just that the caffeine finally kicked in.  This is going to be one of those random blog posts, isn’t it.  Oh, yeah.

You know what would really suck?  To be omniscient without being omnipotent.  Just think about it.  You would know everything, but you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.  I think I may have found my new worst nightmare.  This also, because I am a theology geek, makes me deeply grateful that my God is both omniscient and omnipotent, so he not only knows everything, but is fully capable of dealing with it.  Of course, sometimes his way of dealing with it is rather ineffable (he’s also big on the delegating), but still.  Omnipotence in a Higher Power is a Good Thing.

And since we’re being random, you know what really stinks about Christmas knitting?  There’s way too many cute things to knit.  I mean, I’ve already knit my present for the Extended Family Exchange, and I know what I’m going to knit for the Non-Extended Family Exchange (Boy-O’s getting socks knit in his school colors), but then I think, “Oh, that knitted Nativity set is so cute!  I should make that too!” or “I love these fingerless gloves, and they’re so easy – maybe I should knit them for everyone in my family.”  or “Knitted Christmas stockings!  Awesome!” Before I know it I have a mental list of knitting projects that would take me until next Christmas to finish, assuming that I had a clean slate to start with, not a basket of unfinished projects that includes a sweater for Johnsy that was her Christmas present last year, a shawl for the Duchess (ditto), socks for myself, the seaweed lace shawl I’ve been knitting since May (only 2 1/2 repeats of the last chart to go!), two baby blankets (one for a baby that’s now almost six months old), a pair of gloves that was a wedding present for a bride who’s now been married for a year and a half, Boss2’s Christmas present from last yearanother warm shawl that started out as a present for Mariah and might now be for me, and the second wrist warmer of a set I promised Mariah months ago.  Plus there’s all the projects various people have asked me to make for them that I haven’t started yet, and knitting things to sell at the craft fair.  In short, I’ll be lucky to get Boy-O’s socks done, much less anything else, and I have no business adding anything more to the list.  But all the Christmas projects are so cute!  Sigh.  Choosing sanity is hard sometimes.

I think I’ll stop there.