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I don’t know what to say about the craft fair on Saturday.  I’ve been sitting here at the computer for at least an hour wasting time (and also fending off our over-zealous kitten who seems to think that I am his new jungle gym) while I try to think of what to say.  The problem is that I want to say something positive, and while there were some good things about the day, the bad stuff felt so overwhelming that listing the good things feels like groping to find something good about a natural disaster, like saying that the tornado that took the roof off your house wasn’t so bad because you’d been planning to air the attic out anyway.

I think, instead of giving you all the details about why it was kinda horrible, I’ll just say this: it was a learning experience.  I now know a lot more about how I need to lay things out, how to price things, and how to sell them.  I’m hoping to put those lessons into practice to make the next craft fair (hopefully) a much more positive experience.  Also, hopefully a much more lucrative one.  Let’s just say that if I had had to pay my share of the booth fee I would have come out exactly $2 ahead.  Luckily my aunt, who shared the booth with me, paid the registration, so I came out a little more ahead, but still.  I walked away thinking, “I woke up at 3am for this?”

One of the good things was getting to meet a few of the other members of Handmade Dayton, the Etsy Street Team I’m part of.  On Saturday a very chic lady took one look at my garlands, turned to me excitedly and said, “What’s your name!”  I told her, and but she still looked a little confused, so I added, “I’mBumblebee Enterprises on Etsy.”  The confused look cleared, and she got excited again.  “You had that one garland that made it to the front page!  I’m on the team too – I’m Shabby Chic Designs!”  It was fun – like a little taste of being a celebrity.

I got to meet more local crafters on Sunday.  We met down at C{Space to start decorating for the Handmade Holidays craft fair that’s going to be December 4 & 5.  I’m going be part of that, so I pitched in putting chairs away and cutting out paper snowflakes for a couple of hours.  For most of the time I was working with the woman behind Cathartic Slant (gotta love this card), using scissors borrowed from Lissa Lush.  It was very soothing, sitting in that big open space making things for a while.  I wish I could have stayed longer.

You will note that there was no road trip included in the weekend.  As predicted, Mick got cold feet, and didn’t follow through with the planning.  While I know that getting up and driving off to Atlanta yesterday would not have been the wisest thing I’ve ever done, I’m still disappointed that it didn’t happen.  After Saturday I wanted something really good to happen, something that could redeem the weekend.  Talking things over with Ani and Johnsy did help (it seems they had miserable weekends too), but it wasn’t enough.  I’m still waiting for my Really Good Thing.  And… maybe it will come.  I don’t know.  It’s been a while since I was this discouraged.