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Have you ever had to slice the bottom of a pill bottle off to get to the pills inside?  Ani and I just had to do that so she could get at her medication.  I mean, I’m all for child-proof bottles and stuff – we don’t want little kids dieing of overdoses because they thought pills were candy, etc. – but that was ridiculous.  The instructions on the top innocently said, “Push and turn.” but they lied.  No amount of pushing and turning, wrenching and shoving, slamming the bottle against the table, or using thegrippy jar opener thing was going to work.  However, it wasn’t until Ani started trying to lever the top off with a paring knife that I suggested that we just get out the bread knife and slice it open.  And that actually worked.  (Ani: “Does that mean I’m an addict, if I’m willing to cut the bottle open with a knife?”)

Speaking of Ani and medication, I think we are no longer the plague house.  Johnsy is fully recovered, and although Ani is less so (she just went back to work today, and wasn’t able to work a full day), she’s much better than she was.  We just have to cross our fingers and hope no one else gets sick (did I mention that I just had a major sneezing fit?), and maybe we’ll be clear of this thing once and for all.

In other news, I’m gearing up for another craft fair this weekend.  This time it’s Handmade Holidays, at 20 N. Jefferson Street.  It’s a two day event, coinciding with First Fridays from 5-10pm on (you guessed it) Friday, and then continuing Saturday from 3-10pm.  I’ll have more of my knitted ornaments, plus stamped and punched paper garlands, and knitted cup cozeys as well.  I’ve been knitting and crafting up a storm all weekend (assisted by my treasured Netflix) to be ready.  I’ve got lots of good ideas for how to arrange my space – I’m in the corner by the stage right by the bank vault door, which I intend to festoon with garlands.  Hopefully this craft fair will go better.  And honestly, I need something to start clicking.  If this doesn’t work, then the next step is finding out whether or not McDonalds is hiring.  Not kidding.  But we’re not going to think about that right now.

In other, other news, it looks like I’m reprising my Chicken Parmigiana for our Family New Years Day Party.  Every year my family pulls out all the stops for this party, including multiple courses, and a special main dish.  I’m looking forward to making it again.  This time I want to make my own sauce instead of relying on bottled.  Bottled pasta sauce is just too sweet.  It tastes wrong.  This time I’ll make the sauce myself, and it will be just right.