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Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Wish List

It’s that time, friends, time to put together the Great Family Wish List.  My sister has Let It Be Known that we must submit our personal lists of requests to be compiled and distributed to anyone who wants to know.  I’m still figuring out what I want, but I thought I’d share a few of my selections here.  Enjoy!

Wingtip Athletic Mary Janes by Aris Allen from dancestore.com– size 9 please, black.
Actually, I need new dance shoes pretty badly.  My beloved Aris Allen dance sneakers are dieing – the leather soles are peeling badly off the edges, and I’ve worn a large hole through the sole of the right shoe.  While it reminds me of that fairy tale, it’s only a matter of time before my poor shoes give up the ghost entirely, and I don’t have anything to replace them with.  So new dancing shoes is definitely at the top of my list this year!

Honeybees from Heifer International
I ask for something from Heifer International every year, and most years I get it.  Every single time it’s just about the best present someone could give me.

The Mentalist: The Complete First Season box set
I love this show.  Love, love, love.  It’s not just the main character’s curly blond hair (although I swear the curls have super powers), or the fact that Cho is my boyfriend, it’s everything about the show.  Every Thursday night I have to be home by ten to watch the new episodes, and I’ve been watching my way through the first season with Ani.  She’s in love with this show too.  We think we might have to have a Mentalist party, complete with a mystery people have to solve by being super observant, and a drinking game while we watch episodes (Jane’s cooking in someone else’s kitchen without their permission again!  Everybody drink!).  Anyway, long story short, this would make a great gift.

6″ Nickel Plated Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set fromKnitpicks

A subscription to Martha Stewart Living

Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman
I really want this book.

Actually, anything on my Amazon Wish List or Etsy Favorites List would be a smashing present.  

And lest you think I’m only obsessed with what I want to get this Christmas, be reassured – I’ve been planning out the lovely things I’m going to give for months!  Though I have to admit that’s mostly because there’s no other way to do it if you’re planning on knitting everything!