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I’ve really got to get the hang of this sleeping at night thing sooner or later.  In the meantime, I’m afraid my life is going to be full of mornings like this: stumbling into the office bleary eyed on three hours of sleep, knuckles still aching from knitting into the wee hours, mainlining blackteawithmilk in hopes of gaining a bit of coherence, and paying way too much for a packet of Cheese-Its from the vending machine for breakfast because there wasn’t anything easy I could grab in the kitchen as I was running out the door.  Surprisingly, this actually kinda works, and I achieve a state of semi-efficiency for most of my shift.  Then midafternoon I’ll stumble home from work in time to eat a late lunch and collapse on the couch for “just a short nap” that will last until dinner.  And then I’ll be up until I finally run out of steam, say, about 4am.  And the cycle will continue.  Sigh.

Actually, sooner or later I’ll get back on track, and all will be well.  Just it probably won’t be too soon.  At the moment I’m gearing up for three weekends in a row of craft fairs (something I’ve never done before), and I’m a little freaked out about this.  What if I don’t have enough stuff to sell?  Or if I don’t have enough of the things people want?  Or if my schemes for displaying it properly don’t work out?  Or if I don’t have enough variety?  Or what if one of any of a number of entirely probable things go wrong?  Intellectually I know that everything will be fine, and by the time I’m done no craft fair will intimidate me ever again.  However, I’m not there yet, so right now I’m a little stressed.

Besides the Mad Crafting All The Time (knitted Christmas ornaments!  stamped paper garlands!  and more!), the other Big Thing that’s been going on has been getting together the Competition Team for this year’s Swing Smackdown.  My UD kids, as usual, are kinda awesome.  We had try outs last week, and were able to quickly pick the five couples who make up the team.  I only have nicknames for a few of them so far, but I think I can mention that the team includes Galahad, Mr. Zoot, Baby Red, Curls, and LTG, plus several more (I can tell I’m going to have to work on this nickname thing).  I will say that I think the team is growing up.  Our first year every kid on the team had just started swing dancing about four months before the competition.  Last year about half our team had been dancing a little over a year, and the other half had just started.  This year only one is brand new.  All the rest have been dancing for at least a year, even if they haven’t been on a competition team before.  We’re hoping to push the team a little more too. Last year’s routine, while adorably cute, wasn’t big on technical difficulty.  We think that this year we’re ready to step up our game.  I can’t wait.