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So you know that line about plans, something like “Man proposes, God disposes.”  Yeah, that was what my weekend was like.  I had planned to go to Boy-O’s football game on Friday, pass out candy to the neighborhood kids on Saturday, and then go off dancing with my “Nudists Local #1654 ON STRIKE”badge as a costume.  It was a good plan.  The problem was that as I finished up work Friday evening and headed home, I started to develop a really nasty headache.  The closer I got to game time, the worse it got, and I realized that a football game, with the cheering and bright lights, etc., was just about the last place I wanted to be.  So I texted people my regrets, laid down, and was out like a light almost before my head hit the pillow.

Various texts letting me know the progress of the game (we lost 21-0) didn’t wake me, but a phone call about 11:30 did.  It was Aunt B informing me that there was going to be a Family Dinner the next night at her house honoring Aunty C, and my presence was both Requested and Required (mega bonus points if you catch that allusion).  I was trying to figure out a way that I could both attend the dinner and still give one of my swing kids a ride to the dance, but then the girl in question messaged me letting me know that she wasn’t sure that she was going to the dance anymore, and if she did go, her boyfriend would drive her.  So instead of dancing the night away, I ended up heading over to Aunt B’s house.

While I was there, the funniest thing happened.  As I have mentioned, Boy-O is a Senior this year, and somehow my mom became the Senior Football Mom.  (Which is incredibly ironic, as my mom is about as far from the iconic football mom as you can get – I don’t think she even owns a turtleneck to wear under her team sweatshirt.)  Her main duties involve making the arrangements for the Senior Football Dinners.  Traditionally all the Senior football players go to dinner at someone’s house the night before the game, and she’s in charge of coordinating who’s turn it is to host them.  Only, since next week’s game isn’t part of the regular season, she hadn’t arranged for anyone to do it, and didn’t feel up to doing it herself.  Mom said that she would pay for the food, but she needed someone else to do the work.  And somehow I found myself, well, volunteering to do it.  Consequently, I will be having 17 HS football players over to dinner at my house Thursday night.  I know.  Surreal.

I’ve been getting advice from various people about what I should serve.  My initial plan involved large pots of chili plus cornbread, but then I asked Boy-O what he and his teammates really liked.  He immediately waxed downright poetic describing a recent dinner that involved large amounts of hot wings and jalapeno poppers.  (The jalapeno poppers came in for special notice – I think he mentioned those seven or eight times.)  I took this under advisement, and rather than be a copy cat, decided to fall back on one of BMIWW’s classic menus, Oven Fried Chicken Drummies with Twice Baked Potatoes.  This seemed to have a lot of fans (Mick immediately tried to invite himself over to share in the feast), but then last night I asked Xtiano (who recently was a HS football player) what he thought.  To my surprise, he came down strongly on the side of pasta, especially with lots and lots of bread sticks.  Carbs, he seemed to think, were the important thing, and baked pasta dishes were one of the ideal ways to consume said carbs.

Now it is true that if I made pasta I could also bake bread, and make an extra large batch of my Spreadable Crack to go on it.  But I could do that if I made the Chicken Drummies too.  And while Xtiano seems to think pasta is Teh Awesome, Boy-O didn’t mention it in his List of Highly Favored Foods.  Boy-O seemed to lean much more heavily towards chicken items, and also spiciness.  Which brings me back to chili.  I’m just not sure.  Consequently, I have created a poll to help you, my dear readers, figure out what I should make.  I’m going grocery shopping sometime tomorrow, so you have about 24 hours to either take the poll or leave a comment telling me what you think I should do.  

Also, I should mention that I am having a BIG SALE in my Etsy shop this week.  In honor of getting more than 100 Shop Hearts (I am currently at 111), I have taken 10% off everything in the store.  You’re welcome.  Now go buy things!

Also, also – I got featured.