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Wordless Wednesday: Better Late Than Never

I’m so excited that I got a Treasury!  My very first one!  The competition is fierce for these – hundreds of people sitting hunched over their computers all pressing the refresh button compulsively hoping they won’t miss that split-second window of opportunity.  I’ve tried for a Treasury before, but always missed my chance.  I had almost despaired of ever getting one, and then tonight, oh, tonight, I conquered!

This treasury is especially dedicated to a special friend who has gone through the pain of a break up, and is now slowly beginning the challenging process of learning how to love again.

Also, please, please click on the picture above, which should take you to the Treasury on Etsy!  The more unique views the Treasury gets, the more views it is likely to get, and the more likely it is that Etsy will extend its life.  So click, my friends, click!