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So, um, I’m really proud of my baby brother, Boy-O.  He’s a Senior this year, playing football for the high school all of us went to (my dad too).  He’s a starting offensive linesman, a Tight End, which means I can’t tell my favorite (only) football joke anymore.  (The joke goes, “I don’t know anything about football, but I know a Tight End when I see one!” which is kind of funny in general, but not in reference to my baby brother.)  Friday was the Senior Appreciation Night, so every one of us who could made our way to the run down stadium in West Carrollton that the school leases for home games, and cheered our heads off for our baby brother.  Also, Indy and The Duchess made this banner which they hung on the fence for him.  I think it was the best on the fence.  For those who are wondering where the “Burrito” comes from, Boy-O’s real name is Paul, which at one point became Paulito, and then Paulito Burrito.  And the rest is history.

It looks like there might be a lot of high school football in my future.  Boy-O’s win on Friday means that his team will go to the Prelims for the State Championship.  Next Friday is the Big Game with our Archrivals, plus Aunty Cool (who, coincidentally, is an Archrivals alumnus) is coming up from New York just to attend.  And then, what with going to State and all… it’s a good thing I have a lot of sweaters in appropriate colors that I can wear!

Also this past weekend we had the Theology On Tap party.  I’m not sure what to write about that.  It was a good party.  Some of us ended up staying late and talking politics for a while.  However, I’m starting to realized just how many TOT parties I’ve hosted.  They’re starting to all blur together in my memory, even the one I just had a few days ago.  I did end up doing some of the grilling at this one, which led to the smoke inhalation that is making it a bit more challenging to breathe even as I type, but other than that – it was a good party.

I am starting to think that I have been planning TOT for a very long time.  Six years.  I’m realizing that, well, I’m tired.  It might be time for me to take some time off.  I don’t know.  I think part of it is just being tired out at the end of the season.  TOT always takes a lot out of me.  But I do have to admit that the prospect of having my Thursday nights actually free is undeniably exciting.  So… we’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.