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It is the most beautiful bright and sunny day outside, I don’t have work, and the garden is crying out for a little end-of-the-growing-season love, so of course I’m inside blogging. You’re welcome. Though truthfully my remaining indoors is not purely from love of my readers. Actually, I have a nasty headache, which doesn’t seem to want to go away. Sleeping in didn’t do much, though when I finally got around to eating breakfast that helped a surprising amount. We’re seeing what pain killers and caffeine will do. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This weekend I discovered something kind of awesome. You know that old stereotype of kittens playing with balls of yarn? It’s not a stereotype! It’s totally true! Really! Friday night our kitten Baby was pestering me something fierce, so I pulled out a spare ball of yarn, and rolled it on the floor towards her (or maybe him). She took off after it, and before I knew it, the living room was one big snarl of yarn with an ecstatically happy kitten in the middle of it. See for yourself:

I should mention that the weird black thing with the white rod sticking through it in the middle of the living room is a display rack my aunt put together when she used to take her beaded bracelets to craft fairs. She thought it might come in handy for me when I start taking my garlands to craft fairs too. I have no idea what to do with it, which is why it was still in the middle of the living room.

The sad part about this is that it looks like we really can’t keep Baby. There’s the expense of keeping a cat, which is pushing Ani a little farther than she can go, plus Magda just can’t seem to get used to having a kitten around. She’s so skittish any time Baby comes within four feet of her. She’s seriously afraid that Baby’s going to jump on her and, I dunno, bite her fingers off? I keep trying to show her how all she has to do is say, “No.” and push Baby away, but she just can’t do it. Plus, while Johnsy loves having a kitten around, she really isn’t ok with having a cat. She says she likes her furniture too much. So if anyone would like a little extra loving in their life, or knows of a warm home where Baby could grow, please let us know.

Also, I got included in an Etsy Treasury! You should go check it out while you can (it will expire in a few days).