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So, um, my swing kids chose the t-shirt design with my quote for their t-shirt this year.  

Also, my car is running so smooth and quiet now – it’s a wonder!  Let’s see how long it lasts…

Also, also, I’m a little bit bummed.  I cut out of swing club a little bit early tonight because some friends I don’t get to see very often were back at the house having dinner with Johnsy, and I wanted to hang out with them a little.  Except when I got home I discovered that they had all already gone home.  So I only got to see them for about thirty seconds as I was rushing around trying to leave for swing club, which is not nearly enough.  Well, I also got an excellent hug from That Guy (he is very skilled in the hug-giving department), but still. I’ll stop moping about it in about ten minutes, but at the moment I’m still stuck in full mope.

Ok, now I’m better.

I don’t have a lot to say about the weekend.  It was kinda quiet, which was nice after the recent excitement.  Saturday was mostly getting Vanya from Hero Mechanic, and then a party at Pixie Girl and Hot Josh’s house in the evening.  I ended up hanging out on the front porch with Mariah, Pookah and Pookah’s baby, and ‘Sup Doc, freshly back from her honeymoon.  I got to hold Pookah’s baby, which was awesome until he got too tired out and started crying.  It turned out that the only thing he would stop crying for was his mother singing the Late, Late Show theme.  So she did.  Repeatedly.  As long as she was singing the baby was all smiles, even chuckling in that deep, baby way, but as soon as she stopped singing you would think the world was over.  It was kind of awesome.

Sunday afternoon I met up with most of the family to watch the double feature of Toy Story & Toy Story 2 in 3D.  I kinda love watching movies with my family.  The best is actually watching the previews as we make snarky comments, and judge whether or not we think the movie will actually be worth seeing.  For the record, Where The Wild Things Are looks awesome, and the new version of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey looks dubiously ok.  Maybe.  It was a little mind-blowing to remember that Boy-O was just a toddler when Toy Story came out, and now he’s a Senior in high school.  I don’t know what we’ll do when he graduates.  Next year will be the first time Mom and Dad haven’t been paying anyone’s tuition in (I think) 34 years.  That doesn’t look right, but it has to be.  Big Brother started school when he was 5, which would have been 1974 or 1975, and they’ve had kids in school ever since, sometimes several.  It’s really rather amazing, when you think about it.

After the movies, I headed home to make fried green tomatoes.  I had promised Johnsy that I would make them for her, and I did.  They’re really just about the easiest thing in the world to make.  You slice green tomatoes about a 1/4″ thick, dunk them in beaten egg, coat them in bread crumbs or cornmeal, and fry them up with lots of fat in the skillet.  Johnsy hadn’t been sure she would like them, but after her first cautious taste she was scarfing them down as soon as I pulled them out of the frying pan.  I think they were maybe possibly a hit.  And then we finished off the evening watching some of the first season of The Mentalist with Ani and Magda.  I have to say I love that show.  And although Patrick Jane’s curls may have super powers (just look at them), my heart belongs to Cho.

Tonight at swing Xtiano said he thought my blog was a little random.  I aim to please…