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So yesterday evening I was running over to my parents’ house to print off the name tags for Theology On Tap (the printer at our house isn’t working).  Dad wanted me to stay and eat dinner with him, and I would have loved to, but I had to run out the door as soon as the name tags were done printing so I could make it down to the Oregon Express in time.  This made Dad a little sulky, and he said, “Your life is too complicated!  You need to simplify!” I laughed at him, gave him a hug, took an apple so he could know that he fed me at least a little, and ran out the door anyway.

Now there have been times when I would have agreed wholeheartedly with my father.  I have a tendency to over commit myself, get overwhelmed when everything hits the crunch time at once, and sometimes end up so stressed out I start forgetting to breathe.  I really try not to let things get to that point anymore, and for the most part I think I’m pretty successful.  At the moment I think I have things pretty well balanced.  I’m still having a little trouble with the actually sleeping at night thing, but that’s ok since it means I have more time to make things.

However, this past week has been a little bit of a throwback to old times.  ‘Sup Doc’s wedding is on Saturday.  I’m not only in the wedding (and wearing the killer dress that I utterly adore), but I’m also designing and printing the program, making all the place cards, and designing and printing the table tents that are not only labeling the tables, but acting as centerpieces.  Had I started any of this stuff?  Of course not.  Plus, what had been a drama-free wedding suddenly turned Dramalicious when certain members of the bride’s family decided to turn evil on us.  And then there were some special orders for my Etsy shop, and trying hard to recuperate from the cold that, even though it’s not taking my knees out from under me any more, is still pulling at my heels.  So there have been lots of late nights punching and sewing things, or staring into my laptop making everything look just so.  The rehearsal dinner is tonight (City Barbeque!  Yes!), and then I’m instructed to show up at UD’s Immaculate Conception chapel tomorrow morning at 11:45, hair done, make-up applied, and ready to roll.  From there we’ll have weddingness, and then reception.  I’m in charge of being the caterer’s contact, so hopefully nothing will go wrong there, and also of running interference between the bride and those certain family members.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly, I’ll get to dance a lot with Sky, and all will be well.

Oh, and last night, I realized that I still haven’t hemmed up my bridesmaid dress.  So guess what I’ll be doing tonight, in between putting my hair up in pin curls!

I did have something exciting happen yesterday.  I had just listed my Silver Mini Polka Dots garland, the first of the Christmas garlands I’m making.  I thought it was enormously cute, and hoped that other people would too, but I wasn’t expecting the response I got!  The garland was sold an hour and a half after I listed it, the buyer had sent me a message asking for at least two more, and I had another person talking about the possibility of special ordering another one made to the length of her fireplace.  It’s always so affirming when other people like my stuff so much.  I mean, I know that I like it, but I’m not going to pretend my taste is anything like universal.  The fact that people really like what I’ve made, so much they’re willing toactually pay money for them?  That’s awesome.