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Wordless Wednesday: Crave List
In which I cheat a little.

Silver Key by JaimeNicole.  How come our keys don’t look this pretty anymore?

Set of 4 Red Realistic Star Buttons by RecycledJewelry.  I think these would look utterly adorable as buttons on the strap of little baby Mary Janes like these.  And speaking of utterly adorable baby shoes…

Estella t-strap canvas baby booties by ivory & moss.  I have no earthly use for them, except to marvel at the sheer amount of cuteness contained in two tiny objects, but that doesn’t stop me wanting them.

These would be much more useful.  Women’s French Press Felted Slippers by French Press Knits.

But this is still my favorite.  SO VERY HAPPY (red) by Studio Mela.