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This cold is eating my life.  It just won’t go away.  It’s even a lot better than it was.  The sore throat is gone, and the swollen glands have gone down.  It’s just the runny nose and achey head, plus lack of energy and getting tired out quickly.  Accompanied by lots and lots of sleeping, whether I want to sleep or not.  Oh, and sometimes a sore chest, though I think that’s just the asthma finally getting in on the act.  But besides feeling tired and dragged out and unable to do anything, so far this cold has kept me from one birthday party, one bridal shower (which I really, really wanted to go to), plus, you know, doing much of anything this weekend that didn’t involve sitting limply on the living room couch, box of tissues within easy reach.  Also, I’m not teaching swing club tonight, which is a Big Deal, because even after sleeping all day (no, really, all day) I still have about the energy level of a wet noodle, and also, my head hurts.

The one thing outside the house that I did do this weekend was taking Boy-O shopping for something to wear to the Homecoming Dance.  Boy-O is a Senior this year, and a starting player on the football team, so he needed to look extra swank.  We hit the stores, and came up with two dress shirts, one very nice pair of dress slacks, black dress shoes, and a very bad ass white leather belt with a silver buckle.  It seems that his date is wearing black and white, and has decreed that he shall do likewise.  He says he also needs a black tie, but they didn’t have any good ones at the store we were in, so he said he’d get that later.  To be honest, I wasn’t much help.  He picked all this stuff out while I was trying on trench coats.  He’s got good taste, does Boy-O.

Ani also wasn’t feeling up to much of anything this weekend, so the two of us ended up spending some quality time together with the DVD player.  Friday night we watched the entire first DVD of the first season of The Mentalist, and then Saturday I discovered that she’d never seen Bridget Jones’ Diary, so we watched that, and then I gave her the book to read.  And seriously, that ought to be required reading for any single woman past the age of 19.  Really.

Also, the weather finally turned nice again, so I was able to take pretty pictures of all the garlands and pennants I’ve been making.  The gloomy weather we’d been having was driving me nuts, not only because it was dreary (that’s what my grandmother used to call weather like that), but because I had pretty new things to list, and no light to photograph them in. My shop was getting woefully empty, I had the stuff all ready, and yet I couldn’t list!  So frustrating.  But everything is better now, the sun is shining, and little by little the new stuff is getting put up.  The things I’m most excited about is the first items in my new Christmas line of garlands.  I think some of the things I make would look lovely on a Christmas tree, or as part of Christmas decorations.  I mean, just look at them:

So pretty.