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One of the very lovely things about having a fixed car is that, when I’m stopped at a red light, and I hear a car making funny noises, I can be almost completely certain that it is not me.  I find this such a relief.  I don’t talk about how much feeling like the car I’m driving might fall apart under me at any moment makes my stomach ache, but it does, and it’s so, so lovely when the ache goes away.  Plus, my mileage just jumped from about 18mpg to over 30, so my pocket book is feeling much better too.  All in all, I am overjoyed and delighted to have Vanya back, cranky gear shift, lack of a stereo and all.  

In other news, I had a party on Saturday, and it was also lovely.  To be honest, it’s been a while since I really enjoyed one of the parties I’ve thrown.  I tend to get tired and stressed out getting ready, and then when the party itself actually arrives, I’m too cranky to actually enjoy myself.  But this time I did not stress out, everything went swimmingly, and we even, against all odds, actually had a keg.  I had wanted to have a keg again, since I’d had it the two years before and it was now sortof a tradition, but I just didn’t have the cash on hand to make it happen.  On Thursday night I mentioned this in passing to The Thinker when I was telling him about this party.  He started asking me questions like, “So if a person wanted to get a keg, what would this person have to do?” and, “Supposing this person did get the keg, what kind of beer should be in it?” So, you know, I told him.  He told me, even as he was writing down my answers, that he probably wouldn’t get a keg, and that he wasn’t even really sure that he would be able to come to the party.  Then he would ask me another question.  On Saturday morning he called to inform me that he was on his way to the distributors, and what kind of beer should he get again?  We agreed on Killian’s, and a little while later he turned up on my doorstep with a 1/6 barrel of beer and a couple of bags of ice.  It was kindof awesome.

I don’t know what else to say about the party.  We had chicken on the grill, Corn Hole in the back yard, lovely food in the dining room, games of Fluxx (both the standard and the Monty Python versions) in the living room, and people everywhere talking and having a good time.  Although I had a small cardboard dance floor (cardboard is nice to dance on), everyone was having too much fun talking and playing games to dance.  I was a little sad, but it was only a little pang.  For the most part I was too busy having fun to think about it.

Today was spent running lots and lots of errands: dropping a bag of things off at St. Vincent de Paul’s, returning the keg, a stop at the credit union, etc.  Then Aunt Sweetness came over, and we worked on some craft things for a while.  She volunteered to help some with making the garlands that I’ve been selling in my shop on Etsy, which was incredibly, well, sweet of her.  We’re still working out the details, but I’m very grateful for her help.  Lately it’s seemed a little like I can’t keep my shop stocked (believe me, this isn’t a complaint!).  Today when I was following a link back, I discovered some of the reasons why.  It seems that I’ve been featured on Etsy twice already, once in the Etsy Finds e-mail through The Storque (Etsy’s blog), and then this afternoon I was featured on Etsy’s front page!  It’s all rather heady stuff, especially considering that I just listed my first item maybe three weeks ago.  I just hope I can keep up!  But on that note, I will leave you, with a glimpse of the glory that was this afternoon: