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This week has been kind of a rush, and I mean that both in the”rushing from one thing to another” and in the “whoooo!  head rush!” sense.  First there was the adventure in not-braking on Monday, which started things off with a bang.  Then on Wednesday, I made my First Sale Ever in my Etsy shop!  It was very exciting.  I’d been listing things for about two weeks, and although I could tell people were looking at my stuff, and I even got a couple of inquiries about the details of particular items, I hadn’t sold anything.  I wasn’t too worried about this.  It takes time for people to know that you exist, and then decide to actually spend money on your stuff.  Sure, I was really hoping to make a sale soon, but I decided that I wouldn’t get discouraged unless it went three months with no sale.

Then it happened.  Around noon on Wednesday when I checked my e-mail, for the first time I saw that magical heading “Etsy Order.”  I practically pirouetted around the room with glee.  It wasn’t just a sale, it was a personal affirmation – they liked me, they really liked me!  Enough to even spend money!  Woohoo!  I wanted to tell the world.  I was so excited.  The ice was broken, I had made an actual sale, and while I might have to wait a while for my second sale, it didn’t matter.  I was now legit.

However, the universe had other plans.  When I logged on again a little later to show off my First Sale Ever to Aunt Sweetness, I discovered that I had…. another order.  I was startled and delighted, especially when that Second Sale Ever was quickly followed by a Third and Fourth.  It was like the floodgates had opened, suddenly the world had discovered my shop, and was busily buying me out.  On top of this, I was getting message after message inquiring about the garland which had been soldin my First Sale Ever, each one saying something like, “Oh, no!  You sold that garland!  I really liked it!  Are you going to make more?  Pretty please?  And if you do can I buy one?  Or, maybe, several?”  I actually had made another, but hadn’t taken pictures to list it yet.  As soon as I could, I snapped the shots and listed it.  Less than fifteen minutes later, that one sold too.  It was crazy.  And awesome.  And crazy.  I spent my afternoon after Aunt S left taking pictures and responding to inquiries, then ran off to dancing still floating on a cloud of glee.

Something else unexpected happened on Wednesday.  While I was at dancing a young man I know approached me and asked me how much I would charge for a private lesson.  I had never considered this before.  Although I’ve done private lessons with some of the UD kids whom I was trying to train up to be a teaching partner, and I’ve been teaching for almost two years now, the idea that someone would want to pay me for individual instruction had never crossed my mind.  That was something Really Good Dancers did, not Moderately Good Dancers like me.  I made sure that he really wanted a lesson from me, (Him: “You notice things.  Like that one time when you were helping out – you were the one that realized what we were all doing wrong, and it made everything better!”) then took the amount I’ve heard quoted for a private lesson with a Dancing Superstar and cut it by two thirds.  That seemed fair.  He seemed to think it was fair too.  So he’s going to figure out some possible dates, and get back to me, and hopefully sometime coming up soon we’ll make this happen.  All in all, it was very nice, but a little surreal – kinda the last touch to a very unexpected day.

Since then, well, let’s just say I need to work on this Sleeping At Night thing again.  Also, we had our second Theology On Tap of the Fall series.  The Duchess spoke, and really knocked it out of the park.  We were packed (we may have been close to standing room only), which was completely awesome.  And then, you may have heard that I’m having a party on Saturday.  Or, um, you might not have.  I realized this week that I sent out invitations on facebook and then forgot to tell anyone else.  Cuz, you know, everyone’s on facebook.  Or something like that.  So if you haven’t heard about the party yet, sorry about that, and you are, of course, invited.  (This is assuming that I actually know you.)  If you need directions & stuff, send me a message or leave a comment on this post, and I’ll hook you up.

Oh, and here’s the update on What’s Up With Bernadette’s Car. It looks like I’m finally getting Vanya back!  This makes me very happy, because with all its faults, I still love that little Hyundai much, much more than the Chrysler.  Plus, it gets killer gas mileage, and it belonged to my brother. My Hero Mechanic has been working on Vanya off and on all summer, replacing wiring, the computer, taking the dashboard apart when it looked like a loose wire back in there was at fault.  There was one last thing he had to do, so when I called him Monday evening after the Chrysler’s brakes failed he went ahead and finished that up.  It looks like Vanya is now completely cured of that pesky stalling-and-not-starting-again problem, and is ready to be picked up.  I had been worried that when the repairs were finished I wouldn’t be able to pay for them, but HM is going to take the Chrysler in exchange for his labor (see: taking dash apart), and I’ll just have to pay for the parts.  Which is pretty sweet.  So Johnsy is picking me up in about half an hour so I can run out on my lunch hour and get Vanya, and I will be mobile again.  Whew!