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So my roomies have decided to watch a movie I don’t like.  It’s not such a bad movie that I can justify abandoning them to go do something else, and it’s good for all of us to spend time together.  But this movie is driving me nuts, and if I knit (which is what I usually do during movies), I’d have to pay entirely too much attention to it.  So I’m blogging.

It’s been a good weekend.  The highlight was probably SD & Linus’s wedding yesterday.  They had it on a rooftop on the edge of downtown, and afterwards we had dinner and danced as the sky grew dark over us.  It was lovely.

Saturday night I ended up running the Dayton monthly dance.  This is usually SD’s province, but she was understandably a bit busy the night before her wedding.  It was a small dance – most of the people who would normally have come were either also busy with pre-wedding stuff or at Swing, IN – but it was fun.  We had a few people from UD, a couple in town for the wedding, and a few people down from Columbus.  I danced a lot with Sky, and played pretty much whatever music I liked.  We ended with a grand steal jam about 11:30, and went home tired and happy.

Also this weekend, we had Ani’s birthday.  Saturday she had some friends over.  We got out all the tiki torches and Chinese lanterns and oil lamps that we usually pull out  for a party – it was almost like a dress rehearsal for the Big Party of Destiny on the 19th.  Speaking of which, I’m trying to decide again whether I should get a keg.  Last year I posted a poll, the consensus of which was that I should get one, but maybe a smaller one.  I’ve heard lots of different opinions about this lately from some rather random sources.  And, again, I’m undecided.  I’m not going to post another poll, but if you have an opinion about this, you should drop me a line in the comments box to let me know.

Also, although Ani keeps saying she’s about to take Baby to her new owner, so far we still have a kitten in the house.  Baby’s showing herself to be a very versatile kitten.  She handled the party on Saturday just fine, making her circuit around and around the downstairs to make sure she was keeping up on absolutely everything that was going on, and then sprawling herself in the sunny corner of the dining room for a well-earned rest.  She did have one accident when she couldn’t get back up to her litter box in Ani’s room in the attic in time, but I think that’s doing pretty well for such a small feline.

And now the movie’s over.  Sigh.