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I am now officially on my second Diet Dr. Pepper of the day, which is on top of my usual two mugs of blackteawithmilk that I use to start my day off right.  I think I might finally be about to wake up.  This could be a false alarm, but all the signs are promising.

There are various reasons why I am so groggy today.  The main one is that I stayed out extra late last night.  I went down to Cincinnati with Mr. Zoot last night for the Cincinnati weekly dance.  I had promised some friends in Cincy that I was going to come down and repay all the lovely visits they’ve been giving us back when Zanzibar and I were planning a trip down together.  That fell through, but I couldn’t disappoint my friends (the puppy dog eyes!  Ack!).  This is the last Thursday I have even potentially free for a while, since next week Theology On Tap starts up again, so earlier this week I texted Mr. Zoot and asked if he was up for a trip.  He was, and so we went.  And it was pretty good.  I had a couple of good dances, saw some friends I haven’t seen for a long time, met a few new people too.  We ended up staying all the way to the bitter end, and then on the way home we ran into construction delays on I-75.  So, yeah, it was pretty late when I got home, and I was pretty beat.  I didn’t even make it upstairs to my bed.  The last thing I remember I was doing a quick check on my e-mail, and trying to decide if I was hungry enough for a bedtime snack.  The next thing I knew, it was 7am and Ani was coming down the stairs with her head wrapped in a towel, heading for the downstairs bathroom to style her hair.

In other news, this week Ani and I cametheeees close to adopting a kitten.  Well, really mostly Ani, but I wanted the kitten too.  And yes, I know that I have kinda horrible allergies, which trigger asthma, which makes the whole breathing thing, um,challenging on occasion, but still, the cat was so cute!  And fluffy!  And… and… yeah.  She had me at hello.  She had Ani at hello too.  Ani found her abandoned out in front of her work, covered in dirt, and starving not just for food, but also for affection.  This cat is just about the sweetest thing, with a purr that doesn’t stop.  Even after two baths with flea powder (dirt wasn’t the only thing she was covered with), she was still rumbling away like she had a little motor inside of her that wouldn’t stop.  She was wonderful.

We tentatively began calling the kitten Baby, and Ani started going around to the other roommates to get their approval.  Johnsy fell for her immediately too, but Magda… didn’t.  I think she must have a thing about cats.  She says that cats make her itchy, and then there was something about claws, and the upshot was, she wasn’t comortable with a kitten in the house.  So, yeah.  Thankfully one of Ani’s co-workers also wanted Baby, so we know she’s still going to a good home.  Just not ours.  Which is sad.

I took some videos of Baby exploring the kitchen with Ani and me yesterday evening.  If I ever figure out how to upload them, I’ll post them here so you can see the excessive cuteness for yourself.

On Wednesday before swing dancing I picked up the dress I’m wearing for ‘Sup Doc’s wedding.  I really do love this dress.  Once I got to dancing I had to show it off to some of the girls.  They concurred with me that this is quite the dress.  One of the guys caught a glimpse of me showing it off over in the corner and later teased me for not wearing it for the rest of the night.  (“You got all pretty, and then you changed!”)   But I think this dress is worth the wait.

Oh, and I put some more stuff up in my Etsy shop, including thepennants I showed you in the sneak peek!  Go take a look!  And maybe buy something!