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I should start by mentioning that I now have two, count them,two! items in my Etsy shop.  This makes me feel a little giddy and gleeful, especially since I got much better pictures on Sunday, and the items look fully as cute as they really are.  So that’s good.  

Also, on Saturday I traveled down to Woodland Altars with eight friends for the first ever CL Retreat.  It was very good, very refreshing.  I can’t say that I felt any deep spiritual change take place, but I came back feeling rested and renewed.  Eight of us went: me, Lily, Mouse, and Elphaba, One, Lance, and two others I haven’t figured out nicknames for yet.  The flowers are from an Emaus Walk I took with Lily.  We were supposed to walk together, and see how God might be using our surroundings and the other person to speak to us.  Lily and I decided that God had sent us flowers.  Later we played Sardines, in the course of which I ended up in a shower with Lily, Mouse, and One for about half an hour while the other guys searched for us.  (One:”I can now say that I was in a shower with three girls for half an hour, and man, it was hot in there.”) We finally had to text them a clue so they could find us.

After dinner we had Adoration.  Curtis, who led the retreat for us, had brought the Blessed Sacrament down from Dayton with him so that we could have our own Eucharistic Chapel in one of the unused dormitories upstairs in the Ranch House.  After Adoration we started a fire outside, and made s’mores.  That was when we discovered that Lily is a pyro. (Her: “I like the fireball.”)  It was awesome.

In other news, tonight the Swing Club starts up again.  I’m very excited about this.  Although I’ve gotten to see some of my swing kids as they’ve trickled back into town, it’s been a long time since I saw all of them.  Plus, it’s been a while since I got to teach.  Hopefully all will go well, though I really don’t have any doubts that it will.  Just, you know, a little nerves.

Also, we now have a full schedule of speakers for Theology On Tap.  This is a huge relief.  I’m really looking forward to hearing Fr. Francois Rossier.  I took his Theology of Mary class, and loved it.  He’s such an eloquent speaker.  One class he had me in tears talking about the abundance of God’s love.  I also really like the title we gave his talk.  It’s going to be called, “Yo Mamma: Why Catholics love Mary.”   We’re also very excited to have Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr speaking for us.  He’s the new Coadjutor Archbishop for our Archdiocese, and a very cool guy.  I had wanted to call his talk “Stump The Archbishop: You’ve got questions, he’s got answers!”, riffing off our old popular Stump The Priest feature.  However, the Archbishop thought people might think he thought he was smarter than them, so it got tamed down to “Meet The Archbishop: An evening of Questions and Answers.” which is also good even if not as exciting.

And if anyone knows of any good part time jobs out there, I’m looking.

That is all