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I’m having a very hard time concentrating today.  Thankfully, this is not because of any Itch Factor (dancing Wednesday night worked the dregs of that out of my system), but simply because it’s Friday.  A beautiful Friday.  Miss Sarah Vaughn is singing I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter in her lazy, soulful way, and I could just float away on the music.  A little earlier I was in one of those bubbly, giggly moods, with the added bonus that I suddenly seemed to have a very dirty mind, which kept me giggling at all the sophomoric things I wasn’t saying.  Now the bubbles have mellowed out a little, and I’m just generally feeling good.

Dancing on Wednesday was really fun.  For a little while we’ve been in some magic confluence of factors which has produced an actual excess of leads.  I used to refer to the bench that runs in front of the windows along the side of the dance floor as the Wall of Women.  That’s where all the girls that aren’t dancing tend to congregate, since like most social dancing situations, there are usually more girls than guys.  We sit and talk, gossip, give each other back rubs, whatever, until we’re either asked to dance or decide that we want to dance to a particular song enough that we’ll make the effort to go find a partner.  The other night I looked over at the bench, and instead of girls, it was almost completely full of guys.  It was a bit of a shock.  I have no idea why it’s suddenly raining men in the Dayton swing scene, but I’m definitely enjoying it!

Besides the plethora of guys, the last two weeks we’ve also had a fabulous little girl visiting us along with her parents, who used to be regulars in the Dayton swing scene back in the day.  Early on she decided that I was Very Cool, and latched on to me.  This means that she feels free to boss me around imperiously.  She may be only three and a half, but she’s already very clear about what she wants.  (“Now we’re going to twirl!  No, not like that, like this!  And now you have to sit in this chair and watch me dance!  No, this chair!”)  She also likes standing next to me and attempting to clap along when we have a swing jam.  The best part is when I come back from taking my turn, and she’s nearly incandescent with joy at how really, really good she thinks I am.  She and her family are going back to Florida soon, and I think I’m going to miss her.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, even if it is going to be busy.  MDoS and The Beautiful T are in town, which means revelry tonight at Carmel’s, and possible other fun to come.  Tomorrow is TOT planning at Tank’s, and then Sunday is double and triple booked with a bridal shower, good-bye party, another meeting, and Swingin’ On Sunday (Galahad says he’ll actually put my song suggestions on the playlist this time).  We’ll see how that goes…