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I am feeling oddly itch today, unsettled and sort of cranky.  It’s not full out angry, outright Cranky, just sort of… itchy.  I’m not sure what’s causing it.  Part is that it’s Monday, and the school year is about to start up again, and I’m not ready for it.  Part is that I’m trying to give up artificial sweeteners, which means no more Diet Coke, and tea just doesn’t have quite the caffiene kick it used to (my caffiene tolerance couldn’t possibly have gone up, oh no).  Part is that yet another weekend has flown by, and the household chores I’ve been trying to get to all summer still aren’t done.  Sure, the rose garden is weeded and turned over, the roses have been fertilized and mulched with pine straw, and the climbing rose that was reaching its long limbs octopus-like out into the yard has been tidily restrained onto the weathered trellis.  And sure the radishes (grown into gnarled monsters) have been finally cleared out of the vegetable garden, the first few beets harvested, and cucumbers and tomatoes gleaned off the vines.  Moreover, it is also true that I have finished the Wisp which I have been kniting, and discovered that I have enough left of my yarn to knit a Feather Duster as well.  So maybe I wasn’t as much of a useless lump as I have been thinking I was.  And yet, here I am, feeling dissatified and grumpy and like I want to go home and take a nap.

It was a fairly good weekend too.  Friday I didn’t have work, thanks to the Feast of the Assumption, and working for a Catholic university.  This was not as much as a treat as you would think.  I slept in, but when I woke up I had a sick headache that only grudgingly yielded to several cups of strong tea and painkillers.  I started feeling well enough that evening to head off to the Theology On Tap planning meeting.  This was supposed to be a “fun” meeting, more leisurely than our usual quick, get-things-done model.  It was at The Pessimist’s house, since he had a freezer full of just-caught salmon he wanted to grill up for us.  I brought a bottle of Riesling from my cellar (really a couple of boxes shoved into the corner of the dining room) which turned out to be an older vintage of the Riesling the Pessimist had picked up at the store for dinner.  We ate the salmon, which was excellent, and tested the two vintages against one another.  Much poetic language was employed.  Then The Pessimist started babbling about Swiss meadows and the Hind coming out from the forest and we realized that he’d had quite enough.  It seems that, without Mick around to help finish things off, he had felt that it fell to him to polish off that second bottle of wine.  I kindly pointed out to him that not all of us are six foot plus Irishmen, but he did not seem to think that this ought to be a factor in wine consumption.  All in all, it was a lovely time.  Then when I got home Handyman was there, having helped Ani finally get the wireless working on her computer, and the evening ended with laughter and Broadway show tunes and Johnsy singing So Long, Farewell as she headed up the stairs.

Saturday was quieter.  I went on a small roadtrip to Columbus with Guru in the morning.  I had a cunning plan to maybe stay in Columbus for the day to attend the Eduardo and Jen workshop and the Columbus monthly dance, and catch a ride back to Dayton with one of my friends who would (hopefully) be attending.  Except I didn’t hear back from my friends in time, and everything fell through.  So instead I stayed home, finished knitting Wisp, and had fun playing with the new memory card for my phone.  Sunday was another quiet day, but with gardening this time.  And then the weekend was done.

I’m not sure what this week will hold.  There will be dancing on Wednesday, of course, and I promised Zanzibar that I would go down to Cincinnati with him on Thursday.  It’s been a long time since I danced anywhere but in Dayton (ridiculously long, really – darn these finances and car troubles!), so I’m really looking forward to that.  And perhaps I’ll get to the entrepreneurial project I’ve been contemplating for a little while now.  Who knows?  The days, they are full of possibilities