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First there came Spreadable Crack, the herbed butter spread I make for special occasions.  The ingredients change depending on what I have available, but generally it consists of butter whipped together with lemon juice, a little cream cheese, finely minced green onion, and fresh herbs which might include parsley, thyme, basil, sage, or whatever else is in the garden, plus sometimes a little lemon zest.  This combination is so good that I have sometimes seen it literally stop someone in their tracks.  You spread it on a slice of good bread and it’s… sublime.  Really.  You can’t stop eating it. When I make it, Johnsy has a tendency to hoard it away for herself, hiding it in odd corners of the refridgerator.  It’s that good.

Last night we discovered Frozen Crack, also known as Buttermilk Vanilla Ice Cream.  I saw the recipe on one of my favorite food blogs a while ago, and promptly printed it out to make.  But, you know, life being what it is, it just hadn’t happened.  When my Aunt and Uncle accepted our invitation to come over to dinner last night, I thought this was my opportunity.  Except the weekend got away from me, and I still hadn’t made it.  Yesterday morning, I was talking to Johnsy, and she said that since she would be home all day, she’d be happy to give it a try.  So she did.  The texture wasn’t perfect – Johnsy cooked the custard a little too long, which made it grainy.  But the flavor – oh dear Lord!  Like the best, creamiest, most luxurious cheesecake you ever tasted.  So good we couldn’t stop eating it.  We had a few fresh raspberries to scatter over the top, which just added to the deliciousness.  We have another tub of the ice cream in the freezer, but I predict that it won’t last long!

In other news, our Catholic Life young adult group has started back up again.  Last week was our first week back after Theology On Tap ended.  It was a good time!  We had several new people, including one guy I’d already met at swing dancing (which was very cool).  We spent almost the entire time discussing the gospels for Pentecost, and never actually moved on to the discussion topic.  One of the gospels was John 20:19-23.  It tells about Jesus coming to the disciples in the upper room, showing him his wounded hands and side, and giving them the Holy Spirit.  I’ve read this passage many times, but this time when I read the line about Jesus showing his hands and side it reminded me of one of my friends showing me the mark where he got hit by another player’s stick in a lacrosse game, or my little brother showing me the cleat marks on his leg where he got stepped on in a football game.  So I told this to the group. I said that it was like Jesus held out his hands and said, “Dude, look what they did to my hands!” And the apostles replied, “Wow, man, that’s harsh!” The group thought it was very funny, and afterwards one of the new guys showed me a cartoon he’d drawn of the scene.  He says he’s going to put it on cafepress, and make t-shirts.  I know I would buy one!