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I have been spending much too much time lately taking silly teeny bopper quizzes on facebook.  Though it has been a voyage of self-discovery.  It’s amazing the things you can discover about yourself.  For example, did you know that while in a past life (in which I was apparently Pablo Picasso) my nationality was English, now my true inner nationality is Swedish?  Also, if I were a muppet I would be Gonzo, but if I were a character from Lord of the Rings I would be Faramir.  And while the celebrity I should marry is Brad Pitt, the name of the man I’m going to marry is Dan (I don’t think I even know any Dans right now).  Moreover, in the case of a zombie apocalypse, I would not only survive, but thrive and go on to rebuild civilization from the smoking ruins.  Also, I am a True Cincinnatian (although I have never lived in Cincinnati in my life), and if I were an Evil, Evil Person in History, I would be Julius Caesar.  Which is kind of silly, because Julius Caesar wasn’t really all that evil.  He just liked to be in charge.  I mean, if you’re going to talk about evil Roman emperors, he’s not even in the game next to guys like Caligula and Nero.  Sure, Julius Caesar switched Roman government from a republic to a dictatorship, but does that really hold a candle to killing your pregnant sister by performing a C-section without anesthetic to remove the child that you fathered on her?  I would say not.  But that’s just me.

Yeah, I’m back at work full time.  This is going to be a long summer.  At least I hope so.  

In other news, our new roommate is going to start moving in this afternoon.  I’m very excited about this.  Johnsy and I have been looking for more roommates for some time (it isn’t really practical to have that big house with just two of us in it), but for one reason or another, things never ended up working out.  Then I got an e-mail from Magda, a girl I’ve known for a while through our Catholic young adult group.  Her living situation had just changed, and she wanted to know if I knew of anyone who was looking for a roommate.  I replied that I did know of someone, namely me!  She came over last week to look at things, sign a lease, and get her key, and today she’s moving some things in.  She probably won’t be living with us full time until sometime at the end of June (she wants to stay with the family she was living with as long as possible), but I’m excited to have her around.

Also, in addition to my continuing Fun With Cars, I now also have Fun With Lawn Mowers.  I’m the one who mows the grass at my house (having someone to share this chore with is another reason why I’m excited about another roommate), and normally I use a push mower, the kind without a motor.  However, between the crazy weather, crazy academic schedules, and other things, I kept putting off cutting the grass until the grass in the back yard, which grows like crazy anyway, had turned into an absolute jungle.  There’s no way the push mower is going to cut through that.  We also have an old gas powered mower in the garage, which Johnsy’s been fixing on.  She actually got it started last Saturday, but I was only able to mow around the perimiter of the back yard before it conked out and would not start again.  I don’t know if I’m just not strong enough to pull the ignition cord hard enough, or if it’s another problem (probably both?), but I do know that that back yard looksvery peculiar right now, and it’s got to be fixed.  Mick had said that he could come over today to help, but, well, it’s been raining all afternoon.  He says maybe tomorrow, but I’m beginning to think it might be quicker to use some of my homemade ice cream to bribe AP into bringing me my parents’ mower (and maybe even mowing the yard for me? it’s really good ice cream).  We’ll see how that goes.