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So this past weekend MDoS and The Beautiful T got married.  And the world rejoiced.

It was, I think, one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to, and believe me, I’ve been to some doozies.  But this one was wonderful.  It was simple, rejecting a lot of the fussy stuff that turns nice girls into Bridezillas.  The bride herself was transcendentally beautiful.  Maybe every bride is supposed to look like a princess on her wedding day, but this bride really did.  MDoS was very handsome as well, though the best part was watching his face as she came up the aisle, knowing how much this day meant to him, how long he’d been dreaming of it.  It made me so happy.  I know for sure that I made MDoS crack up at least three times during the ceremony just by grinning at him with all the joy in my heart.

The picture above is the top tier of the wedding cake that I baked for them.  It was interesting baking it – I haven’t eaten sugar in almost three years.  I used to be the official birthday cake baker of the family, but a while ago I stopped baking sweet things because it was too hard.  I can fairly easily resist a piece of cake on a plate in front of me, but icing and cake batter all over my hands?  That’s hard.  The last two cakes I baked were for 14’s last birthday in Dayton and The Kiddo’s graduation, and then I swore off cake baking.  But when The Beautiful T asked me to help, I couldn’t say no.  I have to admit I was nervous.  What if it didn’t work?  What if it didn’t taste good?  What if something went wrong?  And, well, lots of things went wrong, but the cakes turned out beautiful.  I’m told they tasted very good too.  

In other news, this week is The End Of Everything (school-wise, anyway), and stress levels have risen accordingly.  This has been complicated, in my case, by lots of Fun With Cars (a recurring theme in my life).  You may recall that I inherited my brother’s little silver Hyundai a little while ago.  This car, while far from fancy, was a step up from my previous car, a Chrysler Concorde with a transmission fluid habit (though it swore it wasn’t a problem – it could stop any time it liked).  It might have had odd starting habits, and I had to learn how to drive stick, but the transmission didn’t leak, and it got phenomenal gas mileage (30mpg street, 35mpg highway).  The quirk is that once you turn the car off, it doesn’t want to start again until after the engine has cooled down some, usually at least fifteen minutes to half an hour.  So making a quick stop to pick just one thing up is right out of the question.  And then, sometimes it will stall out randomly, usually at a red light, and refuse to start again until, again, the engine has cooled down some.  This can take from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half or longer.  You can guard against this by revving the engine while it idles, but it’s not a solution.

This seems to happen particularly during damp, rainy weather, which we’ve had a lot of recently.  It also seems to be happening more frequently.  Good Friday was awful – the car stalled six times that day, and ultimately had to be towed back to my house by AAA (it started up just fine again the next morning).  Last Friday after the rehearsal dinner, the car wouldn’t start again, and I had to be rescued by AnniPotts (conveniently home from South Dakota for the wedding).  Last Wednesday it stalled out on me on my way home from dancing, at the light at S. Dixie and Dorothy Lane, and I was stuck for an hour and a half.  After about fifteen minutes a nice policeman came and pushed me into the Golden Nugget parking lot, but there I sat, trying the engine at fifteen minute intervals, until almost 2am.  And then last night it stalled out on me again, this time at the intersection of Far Hills and Patterson.  The Absent Minded Prof rescued me this time, pushing the car into the parking lot of the Presbyterian church there, where I left it overnight.  This morning I took the bus up to retrieve it in between a doctor’s appointment and class, and so far it’s been starting for me today.  I only hope it lasts.

In the meantime I have papers to write, and exams to study for, and friends who want to see me in between.  God willing, and if the car starts, I’ll be able to get through.  Things will work out somehow.  They always do.