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It’s been an interesting day. It started with a frantic call from Elphaba, who suspected that her beloved guinea pig was dead, but needed someone to come over and make sure. I did, prepared the animal for its last visit to the vet, and made sure Elphaba ate something when things were finished – every funeral has a wake afterwards, right? Ours was at The Golden Nugget, and featured peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes (for her), and their awesome potato pancakes (for me). After that I took Elphie over to One’s house to borrow Dr. Who DVD’s, since she was under strict orders from her best friend to spend the day watching Dr. Who, eating Chinese food, and not getting drunk. When we were done I delivered One to campus, took Elphie back home, and arrived back at my own home with just enough time to put the beer in the fridge that I’m taking over to Mick’s tonight (I’m not under any orders not to partake), and head off to work.

Now I’m here at work, processing estimates for renting tables and chairs, hiring a DJ, and inflatable jungle gyms for children. Unusual for an engineering research firm? Well, not if your division is in charge of the Big, Huge Annual Picnic this year. So I’m pricing out Glitter Sticky Hands, and trying to figure out if we can afford an outdoor dance floor for swing dancing lessons and demos, and trying not to get cranky about the Event Planner who’s going to charge us $2000 to do things I could do cheaper and better myself. Pretty soon I’ll be done, and I’ll head home to pick up the beer and set the VCR to tape The Mentalist (Johnsy’s in Florida so we couldn’t watch it together anyway), go get Txiki, and end up at Mick’s where there will be Grilled Meat on the barbecue, beer that is not green, and a blessed absence of anyone who might possibly think setting a couch on fire would even remotely be a good idea. And it will be good, even if Mick does think that my ringback tone (Sam Cooke: Good Times) sounds like Cher. But I will not press that point. I will overlook it.

I also had a good time this past weekend. Besides the fun with babies, I went down to Cincinnati for their Flying Pig Jitterbug Jamboree dance on Saturday evening. They had invited my swing kids to perform the routine they did for the Smackdown a few weekends ago, and I couldn’t miss that. My kids were awesome, as usual, and I had a really good time dancing. There were a lot of leads there I haven’t seen for a while, and haven’t danced with nearly enough. I also had one of those I’ve Come A Long Way moments. I was dancing with Thor, a very fun, silly dance. At the end he led me in this huge dip, lower than I’ve ever been dipped before. I had one foot on the ground, one in the air, and the rest of me bent over backwards. We were holding the pose, but the last bit of the song was drawn out. Thor started shaking my shoulders for me, both of us started laughed, and I dropped my head back, still laughing. And then he brought me back up, and the dance was over. Now the thing is, I’m the girl who used to be almost pathologically afraid of dips. I hated them. I wouldn’t do them. But SD said I had to learn them, so I did, and little by little I’ve gotten more comfortable until more often than not I do them without thinking. And that – that’s kind of a miracle.