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My doctor says I have an ear infection, just like a third grader on the playground.  (Him: “When you gonna grow up?”)  The cold that has caused this ear infection hit me like a steam roller sometime Wednesday night.  I went to bed feeling nothing more than dragged out, and woke up Thursday morning with a pounding headache, a throat on fire, and my nose gushing mucous.  (Lovely, I know.)  I slept through my classes, and when in the afternoon my head still felt like it would come off if I moved too quickly, called in sick to work too.  Last night was restless, with a headache that just wouldn’t let up, and this morning I called for a doctor’s appointment.  So now I have a diagnosis (ear infection), antibiotics that will hopefully make everything go away, and pain/sleeping pills in case I can’t sleep (presumably from the pain of the earache).  Ironically, getting to sleep has not been the problem.  I’ve slept at least 36 of the last 48 hours.  It’s being able to move and do things when I’m awake that’s an issue.

I will say, the fever dreams this time around have been fairly interesting.  Last night I had this recurring dream that I was so sick that some of my friends, including the guy I’m sort of thinking about maybe possibly being interested in (hereafter called The Guy), had decided that I should have one of them with me at all times.  They were splitting my day up into shifts and deciding who would take which one.  I was worried that The Guy wasn’t doing this from his own free will, but because another friend had strong-armed him into it, and at the same time trying to arrange things so that his shift would be when I was at my best.  Except even in the dream I was too tired and feverish to be coherent so everyone was ignoring me.  I don’t know how that one ended.  I think I woke up, and in my confused state was both deeply grateful that my friends were not managing my life and a little wistful for the idea of having someone fuss over me.

The main concern is tomorrow, when people will be coming in from all over for Smackdown, and I need to be up to dealing with them.  I don’t think I’m going to be taking many classes, mostly because I want to save my energy for the evening competitions.  We had the last rehearsal with my UD swing kids this morning, and I can’t wait to see them perform.

So in the meantime, I’m going to rest.  I didn’t have the energy to cook, so I have some Chinese food (including chicken soup) being delivered.  There’s movies on Netflix, and the futon in the living room is awfully comfy.  I’ve got a sort of nest there, with blankets and enough pillows for several pillow fights.  And hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.